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Tara Sim, author of bestselling novel TIMEKEEPER, introduces thrilling sequel, CHAINBREAKER. Since receiving a haunting letter after the disaster in Enfield, Danny knows his happy life with Colton, a clock spirit, and his newly returned father won’t last forever. When clock towers begin falling in India, without time Stopping, Danny fears his safety is coming to a close. In order to investigate the towers, Danny is sent to India with fellow clock mechanic, Daphne Richards, and what they uncover raises more questions than it answers. As Colton and Danny continue uncovering truths meant to stay buried, danger follows them everywhere they go. As they balance their love for each other with the power of time itself, Colton and Danny spiral deeper into a threatening world they might never find their way out of.

"With an onslaught of adventure and intrigue, CHAINBREAKER is a thrilling steampunk novel....With realistic issues, a touch of fantasy and the captivating 1800s world, there’s something for everyone...."

Combining a fierce battle of politics interwoven with the race to protect time, Sim creates an enthralling page turner. The chaos created of the novel as it progresses adds to its charm, developing a story unique in its own right, while maintaining a similarity to its much loved prequel. Bouncing between Colton, Danny and Daphne’s perspective, there was constantly something to worry about, or a new problem to think over. Every time I got accustomed to one storyline, a huge bomb would be dropped, and then it would switch over to a new situation. It kept me constantly on my toes and unable to put the book down, a world never ending with disaster.

Besides the adventure of the novel, the underlying yet relevant real world struggles added a sense of reality. Repeatedly, female characters would be questioned about their positions in the world, and conflict between the British and Indians became persistent problems to every character. Each character goes through their own battle against the world that is presented for them, and the idea of what they can become. Danny, yet again, fought against right and wrong in a heartbreaking journey, and I loved reading about his development throughout the story. Colton and Danny’s situation was unique to this novel, as authors often omit the rest of the story, after two characters fall in love. With these two, it’s possible to see the contrast between falling in love, and how to stay in love without leaving destruction in their wake.

Beyond that, each bit of information presented throughout the novel were like pieces in a puzzle, interesting yet confusing, until put together to create the final masterpiece of understanding. Any slight issue, small dispute, or opinion presented by a character became relevant, and I loved the challenge of trying to understand as it went along. The gods, like Chronos and Aetas have been mentioned throughout the series as creators of time and the clock towers, presenting a contrast to the strictly political world the towers are meant to belong to.

With an onslaught of adventure and intrigue, CHAINBREAKER is a thrilling steampunk novel, perfect for any teenager, or adult, looking for a great read. With realistic issues, a touch of fantasy and the captivating 1800s world, there’s something for everyone, and enough action to satiate even the most book-wary cynics. Pick up a copy of Tara Sim’s latest to uncover how the secrets of time, and the world ruled by it, is everything but what it seems.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on February 27, 2018

by Tara Sim