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Calamity (The Reckoners)


Calamity (The Reckoners)

In the final book of The Reckoners trilogy by Brandon Sanderson, David and the Reckoners face their greatest Epic villain yet. Calamity, a bright star in the sky, brought the superhuman Epics to the world. They became corrupted with their fear and anger, yet the Reckoners believe that they have found a way to get rid of an Epic’s malevolence. David avenged his father by killing Steelheart and fell in love with Megan, an Epic named Firefight. Prof, the former leader of the Reckoners has succumbed to corruption, transforming into his evil Epic counterpart --- Limelight. It is up to David and the Reckoners to take down Limelight, even if it means to take Prof’s life. When David discovers a secret about Calamity, he has the chance to end the malevolent ways of the Epics. He, along with Abraham, Cody, Tia and Megan, must battle the most powerful High Epic to save the world, or die trying.

There are many plot twists in CALAMITY, as everything is revealed to the reader. I enjoyed the comedic banter between David and the Reckoners. The novel also rides with all superhero expectations, where each Epic has a unique, specific set of abilities instead of stereotypical powers such as invisibility or flight. The non-stop action and fighting scenes show the struggles of battling a war against the seemingly undefeatable. Each turn of the page introduces new information, including the mysterious pasts of Abraham and Prof.

"CALAMITY is not the best novel of the trilogy, yet Sanderson incorporates the same action, romance and slight touch of comedy as he did with the first two. "

New characters are introduced, such as Knighthawk and Larcener. I liked the unique personalities of both characters, especially Larcener, who is a powerful High Epic, yet seems to be laid back and lazy in every way. Sanderson’s creativity shines through in this trilogy, especially in the new setting of the novel, Ildithia, a mobile city made entirely of salt.

The ending was very satisfying, with David’s last and final hidden secret told. However, I wish it were earlier incorporated into the storyline. His dorky, quirky personality hasn’t changed through the series, making the main hero very likable. As for the antagonist, he is cunning, patient, intelligent and knows exactly how the Reckoners operate. The abuse of Limelight’s powers raises the stakes as he destroys everything in his path.

However, some complications in the novel are brought up, yet suddenly thrown away. For example, Stormwind, an Epic who helped support the economy of Ildithia, dies suddenly and this threatens the collapse of the city. David addresses the problem in one chapter, yet it is almost never mentioned again throughout the novel. The ending was rushed, and thrown together recklessly. Some characters were introduced briefly and were basically forgotten for the rest of the plot. The revelations revealed were packed into the ending, and Sanderson missed the chance to expand and explore on them due to the length of the book. David’s story seems far from over.

CALAMITY is not the best novel of the trilogy, yet Sanderson incorporates the same action, romance and slight touch of comedy as he did with the first two. The book is about the strength to face your fears, unbreakable friendships, love and the integrity to do what is right. The epilogue shows the path each character takes, leaving the reader’s imagination to envision their outcomes and determine their futures in an Epic-filled world. 

Reviewed by Jeremy H. on February 10, 2017

Calamity (The Reckoners)
(Reckoners #3)
by Brandon Sanderson