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But Then I Came Back

About the Book

But Then I Came Back

Gayle Forman meets Francesca Lia Block in this dazzling story about two coma girls and the boy who connects their lives. From the author of THIS RAGING LIGHT, debut that New York Times bestselling author Morgan Matson calls “remarkable.”

“Something does exist. I saw. It’s a place. Like this but different.”

“Okay, so let’s say we do reach her, that something like that is even possible. Then what?”

“Then we ask her to come back.”

Eden: As far as coma patients go, Eden’s lucky. She woke up. But still, she can’t shake the feeling that she might have dragged something back from the near-afterlife.

Joe: Joe visits the hospital every day, hoping that Jaz, his lifelong friend, will wake up. More than anything, he wants to hear her voice again. But he’s not sure anyone can reach her.

Eden & Joe: Even though she knows it sounds crazy, Eden tells Joe that they might be able to talk to Jaz. Opening themselves up to the great unknown --- and each other --- Eden and Joe experience life: mysterious and scary, beautiful and bright.

Audiobook available, narrated by Jessica Almasy.

But Then I Came Back
by Estelle Laure