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Burning Glass


Burning Glass

Sonya is one of the girls gifted with the ability to feel the emotions of those around her. Called an Auraseer, Sonya has been hidden away for 17 years. But Auraseers have one purpose: serve the Emperor --- a young man who goes through the girls at an alarming rate. Sonya never imagined a future like this, nor does she want it. But when tragedy strikes, Sonya is quickly thrust into the position of sovereign Auraseer with hardly any training. With the fate of the remaining girls on her shoulders, Sonya is determined to survive.

"BURNING GLASS is a complex novel centered around a girl’s struggle to take control of her own life."

Life as the emperor’s Auraseer steadily grows more difficult as Sonya struggles to decipher the true intentions of foreign visitors, angry peasants and even Emperor Valko. Most confusing of all is the emperor’s younger brother, Anton, who was supposed to be the crown prince. As tensions rise between the brothers, whispers of an uprising are in the air. While Sonya is focused on outside threats to the emperor, the biggest threat may come from inside the palace walls.

BURNING GLASS is a complex novel centered around a girl’s struggle to take control of her own life. Sonya has never truly been independent. She has been told her life does not belong to her, and she believes it. Throughout the novel, readers get to see Sonya’s perspective of herself and others change. She becomes strong, independent and capable. Part of her character development comes from her friendship with Anton. Anton is an idealist who pushes Sonya to better herself not for the empire, but for her own personal gain. Readers will love the relationship that begins between the two characters.

There is not a lot of information about the setting of the novel, which can make picturing the story difficult. However, Kathryn Purdie makes up for that with the excitement of the novel. Readers are propelled from one scene to the next as the plot thickens. Fans of fantasy and romance will love Kathryn Purdie’s novel. Driven primarily by character development, the plot is fast-paced and will leave readers wondering what will come next for the characters.

Reviewed by Kate F., Teen Board Member on July 11, 2017

Burning Glass
(Burning Glass Trilogy #1)
by Kathryn Purdie