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Bound to You


Bound to You

Megan couldn’t be a more normal teenager, surrounded by a large and loving family, talking about boys to her best friend and anxiously counting down the days until she starts at Caltech. But beneath all of this, Megan hides an important secret: she belongs to a family of werewolves.

On her eighteenth birthday, Megan’s one wish is to meet her werewolf mate. During her birthday celebrations, Megan’s wish comes true, but instead of the sweet, caring boy she hoped to find, Megan is drawn by a magical bond to a brooding warrior. Suddenly, Megan is whisked away from home and her plans for college are shattered as her mate, James, drags her to his mysterious castle in Canada where his tribe lives. It seems that things couldn’t get any worse, but, as time passes, Canada begins to grow on Megan and James begins to open up, revealing deep, dark secrets. Will Megan find her happy ever after? Is James her werewolf soulmate?

"BOUND TO YOU is a quick, easy and distracting read. Alyssa Brandon managed to keep me intrigued throughout the book."

BOUND TO YOU is a quick, easy and distracting read. Alyssa Brandon managed to keep me intrigued throughout the book. There was never a dull moment with the frequent attacks and Megan’s rash decisions which kept me on the edge of my seat. The side characters were also entertaining, especially with their incessant fighting over food like small children. I also thought the overall concept of mixing a romantic plot with a fantasy setting worked well.

I did, however, find that the plot was too predictable. The book focused almost exclusively on the relationship between Megan and James. There was no major conflict or antagonist and barely any character development. Megan remains the same immature and spoiled teenager from beginning to end, while James goes from stone cold to warm and caring in the span of a few pages. Megan and James switch from completely shut off from each other to very close as if they had known each other for years then back to cold a few pages later. This made the story not only confusing but also unrealistic. My biggest complaint is the predictability and facility with which the problems were resolved. From the beginning, Brandon keeps on building up suspense by making the reader wait to know certain characters’ secrets, but most of these secrets are either left unrevealed or undeveloped.

Overall, BOUND TO YOU was a pleasant read. I recommend this book to romance lovers and TWILIGHT fans or anyone looking for a light read especially for their travels.

Reviewed by Alice D., Teen Board Member on April 26, 2018

Bound to You
by Alyssa Brandon