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Bad Girl Gone


Bad Girl Gone

At the start of BAD GIRL GONE, 16-year-old Echo Stone wakes up with zero recognition of where she is. Everywhere she goes, people whisper. Laughter follows her through the hall every time she dares to say something. At first, she’s alone in her experience --- except for Cole, the mysterious boy who makes sparks shoot up her arms. Echo knows that she doesn’t belong at the Middle House, a place for “orphans.” She knows that her parents are alive and that she’s been living with them for the past 16 years. But then why is she there? 

Before long, Echo finds herself at her old house...where a crime scene awaits. No matter how much she tries to get back to her parents, or her boyfriend, Andy, she can’t...because she’s dead. Not only that, it was no natural death and now she is stuck as a ghost until she can figure out what happened to her. 

"Temple Mathews instantly captures the reader's attention in his quirky novel, BAD GIRL GONE. The protagonist, Echo Stone, is the definition of relatable teenage characters."

Hollywood scriptwriter, editor and creator Temple Mathews instantly captures the reader's attention in his quirky novel, BAD GIRL GONE. The protagonist, Echo Stone, is the definition of relatable teenage characters. Being a teenager myself, I have a pretty clear idea of what it is like to be inside one of our heads, though I’m a complete amateur when it comes to teenage ghosts. Mathews highlights his dark environment with a ray of fun quirkiness, action and individuality. He takes a different approach to the gruesome scenes that usually decorate the pages of mystery or thrillers, and while the mood is still very much one of a mystery novel, it’s also one of a regular young adult novel. 

Mathews did a great job creating a believable teenage character. In young adult literature, it’s really easy for the characters to fall into the “unrealistic when we actually consider their age” category. They just seem to be wiser, wittier and quicker at picking things up than I have ever been. They are so independent and sure of themselves that it’s a huge shock every time I’m reminded that I’m the same age. That can’t be possible, right? The decisions they are making are always rational and well thought out while sometimes I can’t even decide between Coco-Puffs or Fruity Pebbles in the morning. 

But Echo is flawed; she makes mistakes and is incredibly stubborn. There were times when she annoyed me, but only because she was so relatable. After all, teens are hard for people to keep up with, just ask our parents. We change our minds every other minute and will most likely contradict ourselves in conversations. And that was Echo: she was confused, scared and dead. Throughout the story, she had a lot to get through, and she handled it in a way that I could see myself handling the same issues.

BAD GIRL GONE was an entertaining read that any young adult reader will enjoy. If you liked MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN then this will definitely capture your interest.  Who doesn’t like teenage ghosts with individual abilities seeking justice for their murders?

Reviewed by Sabina Z., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2017

Bad Girl Gone
by Temple Mathews