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B for Buster


B for Buster

is desperate for a chance to get away from the dark presence of his
family and create a brighter future for himself. The one chance for
him, Kak decides, is to enlist in the Canadian Air Force. By doing
so, he hopes to become a part of the Allied bombers during WWII. He
dreams of showing off the honor of being a hero to his hometown of
Kakabeka. Kak has one little secret, though --- he's only

He is trained as a wireless operator and sent to a squadron in
England. It is the spring of 1943 and the war is still going
strong. When Kak arrives at an airfield in Yorkshire, his secret is
immediately put to the test. His fellow hometown schoolmate, Donny
Lee, is stationed at the airfield and is shocked to see Kak walk
into the mess hall. Donny threatens to expose Kak's secret in order
to save Kak's life, but relents when he sees how desperate his
young friend is.

Kak meets his commanding officer, Uncle Joe, and is assigned to
B for Buster. B for Buster is an old Halifax Mk 1
that has seen better in its day, but is considered reliable just
the same. When his crew is taken to their assigned hut, they
realize just what Buster has seen by the scarce number of occupied
cots in the hut. The next day, they go on their first test flight
in B for Buster, and Kak is chilled by the story of the
Halifax's previous crew.

While they are gearing up for their first op, Lofty, the plane's
pilot, goes on a "passenger trip" with another plane. The almost
twenty-year-old is considered to be an adult by Kak and wants to be
a bush pilot after the war. Buzz, the mid-upper gunner for
Buster, is a former railway worker whose only goal in life,
it seems, is to complete a crossword puzzle he cut out from a
newspaper on his first day in England. Will, the navigator, would
rather write poetry than study law, and Simon, the loud Australian,
is the loudest gardener Kak has ever met. Ratty, the mysterious
American, would like to see Berlin, and Pop, the flight engineer,
just wants to make it home safely.

Time goes by and Donny Lee takes Kak for a ride out into the
surrounding countryside. They take Donny's old black Morris
automobile and Kak experiences just how crazy a ride it can be. But
that's nothing compared to what it can be when a crew of seven ride
in it, as Kak has witnessed before. The two schoolmates bond over
stories of their hometown, and Donny tries once again to talk Kak
into quitting the air force while he has the chance. Kak is excited
about flying, though, and the ride that day seems to foreshadow the
many dramatic changes that lie ahead.

Then the day finally comes, and B for Buster is called on
for its first op. Kak is excited and feels as though it will be
like a comic-book adventure where good beats evil. He is even a
little too sure of himself, when he is given the task of watching
over the homing pigeon that has been assigned to the op and is rude
to the kind dismal pigeoneer named Dirty Bert. Kak is in for a
reality check, however, when he experiences his first of many
frightening flights and finds the outcast pigeoneer as one of the
only friends who seems to understand him and his fears.

B FOR BUSTER is a dramatic adventure set during one of the greatest
times in history. I recommend this book to anyone who has studied
World War II and would like to read fiction set during that time
period, as well as to those who enjoy reading dramatic novels. I
thought it captured the importance of animals, specifically homing
pigeons, and the various roles they take during wartime very well.
Told through the eyes of a sixteen-year-old boy, B FOR BUSTER shows
readers the excitement of being a hero and the grim realities they


Reviewed by Sarah Sawtelle on October 18, 2011

B for Buster
by Iain Lawrence

  • Publication Date: June 8, 2004
  • Genres: Fiction
  • Hardcover: 336 pages
  • Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
  • ISBN-10: 0385730861
  • ISBN-13: 9780385730860