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Some spoilers for book one ahead.

AVENGED is the second book in the Ruined series by Amy Tintera. The first in the series is RUINED and the final book ALLIED just released. The author previously wrote the Reboot duology.

AVENGED picks up what seems like a few days to weeks after RUINED ends. Em and her sister have finally arrived home, only to discover their palace and their people in ruins. Em is heartbroken after leaving Cas and it is quickly becoming clear that Olivia is at least a little bit crazy. It is clear to the reader long before Em accepts it that whatever happened to Olivia while she was imprisoned and tortured left her broken inside. That, combined with the ruthless nature her mother installed in her, makes Olivia very dangerous.

"I recommend this series to fans of high fantasy novels in general..."

Despite everything mentioned above, Em refuses to see anything but the best in Olivia. In fact, Em usually tries to see the best in everyone. This can be helpful to her, but it can also make her naive. Em repeatedly gets burned by people she trusts, and I hope she can still maintain some of her hopefulness when this is all over.

I really like the characters in AVENGED. Aside from Em and Olivia, there is also Cas, the crown prince of their rival nation. By this point, Em and Cas are hopelessly in love with each other, but on opposite sides of a war. Even that doesn’t prove to be a detriment to them. I also enjoyed watching the relationship between Aren and Iria, a new warrior from Oslo, develop.

This was very much a travel book. The characters were constantly in motion across various countries. It makes me wish that there was a map in the book so I could really visualize how far they were traveling. In my opinion, it should be required that every fantasy novel have a map in the front cover, unless it would lead to spoilers. That said, Tintera does a good job of describing the different locations, so each place is independent of others.

I recommend this series to fans of high fantasy novels in general, especially THRONE OF GLASS and OF FIRE AND STARS. While it doesn’t necessarily stand out from the crowd, AVENGED is thoroughly enjoyable.

Reviewed by Isabel C., Teen Board Member on May 30, 2018

(Ruined #2)
by Amy Tintera