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Atlantis Rising


Atlantis Rising

Everyone remembers the ending of a story, especially if it’s a millennia-old tale that has captured generations. But what about the beginning? That’s author T.A. Barron’s specialty. First, he enthralled millions with his Lost Years of Merlin series, in which he explored the famous wizard’s forgotten youth. In ATLANTIS RISING, Barron takes flight with the story of the founding of Atlantis, the mythical isle that sank into the ocean.

First warning --- don’t start this book hungry! Our hero, Promi the thief, is always ravenous for desserts. Whether he’s describing a lemon pie fresh out of the oven or a to-die-for cinnamon bun, Promi --- an orphan who has a mysterious birthmark on his chest and can’t remember his family --- is after the sweet stuff in life. When the book opens, Promi is about to get his revenge on the despicable priest Grukarr, who savagely punished one of the thief’s friends. Using his finely-honed knife-throwing skills, Promi disrupts a parade and steals Grukarr’s bejeweled belt. He flees from the guards through the City, capital of the magical land of Ellegandia, with an ease that rivals Aladdin. Though he manages to evade the guards, Promi’s not done with his mischief quite yet.

Fans of fantasy, as well as any good coming-of-age story, will dive into this book with eager abandon.

His next mission is to steal the pie of the Divine Monk, who is the only one allowed to eat this special dessert. But Promi is soon caught and thrown into an inescapable dungeon. What’s a boy to do? While down in those dank depths, he meets a historian whose knowledge of Ellegandia will enlighten him, as well as a magician --- plus her sarcastic, monkey-like companion --- who decides to give young Promi her powers. With that, Promi’s life, as he knows it, will never be the same.

To escape, Promi is transported to the magical forest of Ellegandia, where he meets Atlanta. The pretty young girl --- clad though she is in a dress made of vines --- implores Promi to help her save the forest from Grukarr, who wants all of its magic for himself. It’s all part of Grukarr’s master plan to help an evil spirit dominate the immortal realm. In return, that spirit will grant him rule over all of Ellegandia! Promi must team up with Atlanta to save not only their lives, but the future of the entire country.

ATLANTIS RISING is a fantastic addition to Barron’s canon. Promi is a far more instantly likable hero than Barron’s Merlin, but each has distinct personal issues to overcome. Atlanta is startlingly similar to the Merlin series’ Rhia, but without the latter’s characteristic wit and charm. Together, though, Promi and Atlanta navigate a novel magical world to the best of their abilities, learning and growing together along the way. Fans of fantasy, as well as any good coming-of-age story, will dive into this book with eager abandon.

Reviewed by Carly Silver on January 7, 2014

Atlantis Rising
by T.A. Barron