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Ask Me

Sometimes knowing all the answers can be the most dangerous thing of all. Aria Morse is an oracle with the power to provide the true answer to every question. But she finds it hard to cherish this so-called “gift” when it prevents her from being a normal high school student. Any time Aria hears a question, whether it is directed at her or not, the answer tumbles uncontrollably from her mouth without her even knowing beforehand what her response will be. Unfortunately, her answers are often far from straightforward and can take the form of riddles, rhymes or cryptic messages. Consequently, Aria becomes known as the school freak, constantly muttering nonsensical remarks under her breath.

ASK ME features a refreshingly original concept and an endearing heroine.

When Aria’s classmate Jade is suddenly murdered, the town is filled with questions about the person and the motive behind this heinous crime. Suspicion immediately falls on both Alex and Will, the two boys linked to Jade before her death. With questions constantly swirling all around her, Aria struggles to un-riddle the mysterious responses her inner oracle provides. But inching closer to the truth also brings Aria nearer to the killer, who grows bolder and sets his sights on new victims. Can Aria harness her gift in time to prevent any more deaths, or will the truth die with her?

ASK ME features a refreshingly original concept and an endearing heroine. Aria’s voice ---both the human and oracle versions --- reveals her struggle to find acceptance and also provides many entertaining responses that perfectly cut the building tension in the novel. Although the supporting characters could have benefitted from further development and the mystery soon becomes frustratingly obvious, Aria the oracle makes this novel well worth the read.

Reviewed by Sabrina Abballe on April 9, 2014

Ask Me
by Kimberly Pauley