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Analiese Rising (Analiese Rising, Book 1)


Analiese Rising (Analiese Rising, Book 1)

ANALIESE RISING by Brenda Drake is the first book in a new fantasy series combining romance, action and mythology all into one. The unexpected death of a random stranger brings Analiese Jordan and Malek Conte together when Analiese receives a list of names, with some crossed off. To her surprise, her name is also on the list. Seeking understanding, she meets the stranger’s grandson, Malek, who has secrets of his own. Through decoding each riddle and solving each mystery, the two discover that their world is not as it seems. Gods roam the lands, preparing for war, and Analiese happens to be a descendant of the God of Death. As a Riser, she possesses the power to raise the dead and control them. This places her and Malek in the middle of a war between gods who want to raise an army of the dead. With many life-threatening obstacles in the way, the pair of them must decode the riddles and explore a new universe to save the world.

"ANALIESE RISING is almost a combination of the National Treasure films and AMERICAN GODS. I found myself lost in her journey around the globe, battling off enemies and gods that I didn’t even know existed."

Unlike other novels based around mythology, such as the Percy Jackson series, this book explores mythology from different cultures and eras, with Chinese, Egyptian, Roman and Greek gods. The interesting concept opens up a whole new set of possibilities that I hope Drake explores in its entirety for future books. The travels and riddles throughout Europe were intriguing, as well as much of Drake’s world building skills.

Drake’s writing flows easily in creating dialogue and setting up unique characteristics for each of her characters. However, the fact that Analiese coincidentally goes on a life-changing journey with a “hot boy” is a stretch and a bit unrealistic, especially with the fact that their parents are oblivious to what they are doing. Overlooking the romance, the book is full of action and mysteries begging to be solved. I would have liked to see more into Malek’s point of view, as he seems to take information about his grandfather and their world with little shock or surprise.

Dalton, Analiese’s cousin, seems to play a large role in the series, so I hope to see and learn more about him in the books to come. Unlike other mythology-based fiction, it was interesting to see gods pop in and out of her journey, assisting or attacking in their own unique ways.

ANALIESE RISING is almost a combination of the National Treasure films and AMERICAN GODS. I found myself lost in her journey around the globe, battling off enemies and gods that I didn’t even know existed. However, with such a mixture of genres, it seemed a bit confusing at times as to how exactly the war between gods was to be solved or what Analiese could even do about it. Nevertheless, it is an interesting storyline full of twists and turns that will leave you guessing who you can really trust.

Drake’s imagery in describing each city and location was impeccable, as well as her creation of a diverse set of characters. The synopsis in the back cover drew me in, but I was not prepared for what was to come. The action, intensity and storyline are woven together to create a fast-paced adventure that younger readers will definitely enjoy. It is a quick read that takes you on a long voyage into a completely new, unique universe.

I hope to see, in future books, an exploration into the world of the gods, their dynamics and how they function in the modern age. I also would have liked to explore the technicalities and unspoken laws between the gods to expand this vast realm. There are endless possibilities and adventures with Analiese, Marek and Dalton that I cannot wait to read.

Reviewed by Jeremy H., Teen Board Member on January 29, 2019

Analiese Rising (Analiese Rising, Book 1)
by Brenda Drake