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An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o' the Wisp


An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o' the Wisp


When Aurora Grimeon’s parents die after eating some wild mushrooms they foolishly mixed into their pasta sauce, the 12-year-old girl is sent to live with her grandfather, whom she’s never even met. Worse, he lives in the heart of Louisiana swampland --- a place filled with dark threats, magic, and more than a little Hoodoo.

Her grandfather, Dr. Silver Grimeon, resides in a musty, foreboding mansion on Ossuary Isle, a former “cemetery island,” and he doesn’t have much time for Aurora or her pestering questions. Before they meet, he asks three things of Aurora: Travel only on an odd-numbered date, don’t arrive under a full moon, and bring her late father’s glass eye with her. Aurora, unfortunately, doesn’t follow those first two commands, which doesn’t sit too well with the local Hoodoo queen, Mama Nonnie. When Aurora reveals that she saw a blue flame hovering over the swamp on the night of her arrival, Mama Nonnie warns her of the island’s many secrets and the evil spirits who threaten Aurora every time she steps outside her door.

“These cemetery islands kept the dead above the level of the water,” Dr. Grimeon warns Aurora. “Ultimately, you will come to be surprised by how much there is to see on this little piece of land.”

Beyond the dire warnings lie some incredibly fun thrills and frights from writer Tom Hammock and artist Megan Hutchison. Most of the locals, including a boy close to Aurora’s age, are seemingly quite friendly --- at least at first --- and several warn Aurora of the many potential dangers that lurk in the shadows of the swamps. But as the story slowly builds, and locals begin disappearing, tension mounts and we find ourselves drawn ever more tightly into the story’s spell. Louisiana swampland and Hoodoo mysticism combined with otherworldly omens make for a clever, addictive treat. WILL O’ THE WISP is a truly eerie good time…and hopefully just the first of many spirited adventures for Aurora Grimeon.

Reviewed by John Hogan on September 16, 2013

An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will o' the Wisp
by Tom Hammock and Megan Hutchison

  • Publication Date: December 3, 2013
  • Genres: Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Science Fiction
  • Hardcover: 216 pages
  • Publisher: Archaia Entertainment, LLC
  • ISBN-10: 1936393786
  • ISBN-13: 9781936393787