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Against All Silence


Against All Silence

AGAINST ALL SILENCE is the sequel to THE SILENCE OF SIX by E.C. Myers, which originally released in November of 2014. The series follows Max Stein, a high school student whose extracurricular activities are a little out of the ordinary. Max doubles as the hacker 503-ERROR and becomes involved in a mission that could not only endanger his life, but could reshape the integrity of the internet forever.

"AGAINST ALL SILENCE…took the characters and concepts to a whole new level….Every scene was well played out and extremely easy to visualize."

AGAINST ALL SILENCE is a sequel that definitely does not disappoint. THE SILENCE OF SIX was a super strong and action-packed novel, causing me to worry that the sequel would not compare. However, this book took the characters and concepts to a whole new level. It reminded me of the perfect epic spy movie, complete with car chases and villains on yachts. Myers’s writing also aided this vision perfectly. Every scene was well played out and extremely easy to visualize.

The characters also developed on a whole new level in this installment of the series. The reader watches both main characters, Max and Penny, face new challenges with even bigger consequences than before. Their choices show the growth they have gone through both together and separately over the course of the series. All of the characters continued to have serious depth. A large cast of new characters was also introduced, adding new layers and conflicts to the story line. The new characters keep the plot fresh and interesting. This is also accomplished by the exploration of new settings. AGAINST ALL SILENCE takes the characters out of Granville and throws them into places that are much more exciting and crazy.

Speaking of the crazy, the depth of the plot and the unraveling of the mystery left me mind-blown. This is one of those books where the pieces of the puzzle are sitting in front of you the whole time, but you’ll almost never realize until the big finale. I absolutely love books like this. I like struggling along with the characters to figure out the mystery while also letting the author shock and surprise me when the answers are finally revealed. This mystery will definitely keep the reader on the edge of their seat and be well worth the journey to the answers.

Similarly to THE SILENCE OF SIX, AGAINST ALL SILENCE includes detailed descriptions of hacking terms. I found them interesting to read but also very confusing at some points. However while understanding these descriptions is super helpful, it is not necessary to enjoy the plot of the book. The only serious problem my confusion caused was slightly breaking up my reading experience as I processed the information. Otherwise the hacking details were interesting and made the plot even more realistic.

I would definitely recommend AGAINST ALL SILENCE to anyone who was a fan of THE SILENCE OF SIX. The sequel only builds on the success of the first book, ensuring another thrill ride for the reader. If you haven’t started the series yet, I highly recommend picking up the first book. These books are perfect for anyone looking to escape normalcy and go on an action-packed adventure.

Reviewed by Danielle F., Teen Board Member on February 22, 2017

Against All Silence
(SOS Book Series #2)
by E. C. Myers