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After the Game (Field Party)


After the Game (Field Party)

Abbi Glines is the bestselling author of multiple series for young adults and adults. She wrote the Rosemary Beach series, the Sea Breeze series, the Vincent Boys series, the Existence Trilogy, and the standalone AS SHE FADES. Her ongoing series The Field Party is a collection of companion novels following different couples in the same small Alabama town. It includes UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT, UNDER THE LIGHTS and AFTER THE GAME. The next book will be LOSING THE FIELD.

In the small town of Lawton, Alabama, everyone if fiercely loyal to football and knows everyone’s secrets. That is Riley Young’s problem. She fled town two years ago after accusing Rhett Lawton of rape. No one believed her, and everyone called her a liar. Now Rhett’s gone off to college and Riley is back with her daughter, Bryony, because she and her parents need to take care of her grandmother with Alzheimer’s. When Brady Higgens offers Riley and Bryony a ride home in a storm, Brady begins to question all that he had previously assumed about Riley.

"Probably my favorite installment of this series so far....I have never read a book by Glines that did not suck me in and never let me go, and AFTER THE GAME is no exception. "

AFTER THE GAME is probably my favorite installment of this series so far. Brady is a character that readers met back in UNTIL FRIDAY NIGHT as a relatively significant character in Maggie’s story. I always thought he was an interesting character, and I greatly enjoyed reading from his point of view. Of course, Riley’s return to town has been teased in each book, and I am happy she got her chance to return and stand up to Lawton. While a lot of the plot was much of what I had expected, there were many elements that surprised me and made the story incredibly entertaining. I have never read a book by Glines that did not suck me in and never let me go, and AFTER THE GAME is no exception.

This third book exceeded my expectations and ensured that I would be following the rest of the novels to come. Each set of characters deals with some serious yet very different issues, but they all interact with the characters from the previous books, which is a must for companion novels I read. A decent section of this book focuses on self-discovery and personal struggles, and in a lot of ways is about much more than the romance. While incredibly addicting, AFTER THE GAME focuses on some heavy topics but does so in a light way.

I highly recommend AFTER THE GAME to readers of the previous two books who are skeptical of continuing with this series. It is, in my opinion, better than the first two books. I highly recommend reading the first two companion novels before reading this one, but it is not a requirement. It merely adds to the story if the reader knows the town and characters better. AFTER THE GAME is very much in the tradition of Glines’s other books, and fans of her other books will not be disappointed. While this novel does not go into very much detail about sexual assault, it does include a character who survived it. Readers should know before picking up this book if that is something they do not want to read about.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on August 14, 2018

After the Game (Field Party)
by Abbi Glines