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According to Audrey


According to Audrey

Dove is a shy California teenager who plans to spend her summer building her portfolio so that she can be accepted into a prestigious art school. However, when her middle school crush, Leo Donovan, comes back to town, things will soon change. Dove is swept away in a whirlwind romance with Leo, and becomes distracted from pursuing her dream of being an artist. As Dove’s relationship with Leo progresses, she must decide which is more important to her: being with Leo or going to an excellent art school. ACCORDING TO AUDREY is LaShelle’s debut novel, and I foresee a bright future for her.

"I would recommend ACCORDING TO AUDREY to anyone who enjoys teen romance with a bit of drama mixed in."

LaShelle’s writing definitely helped set the location of the story. It was incredibly evocative of the California beach town where the story takes place, and it made me wish I was there with the characters. I also liked how the town’s landscapes helped inspire Dove’s paintings. It really tied in well and continued the theme of the beautiful beach town throughout the story. However, I think I would’ve enjoyed the book a little more if it had just focused on either the summertime or the school year. While I understand why both were featured in the plot, I think it would’ve been better and not felt so rushed if just one season had been focused on. I would have also liked to see more build-up to the relationship between Dove and Leo, instead of the two just seemingly getting together immediately.

It was unique to have the quotes from Audrey Hepburn movies at the beginning of each chapter, inspired by Dove’s love of Audrey. These helped hint at the chapter’s events and added a nice touch to the book. I also enjoyed all the references to various Audrey Hepburn movies, including Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It certainly made me in the mood for a good movie night!

I came into ACCORDING TO AUDREY expecting a light hearted beach read, but it was actually much more serious than that. While I thought Dove was a bit of a weak character at the beginning, I really enjoyed seeing her growth and I was pleased with the resolution of her storyline. During the latter part of the book, I was a bit concerned with how it would wrap up, but I was pleasantly surprised by the way LaShelle chose to end the story. It is great for readers to see a female character who has big goals for herself and strives to reach them.

I would recommend ACCORDING TO AUDREY to anyone who enjoys teen romance with a bit of drama mixed in. There were discussions of some common teenage issues such as cheating, underage drinking, and several other problems. Because of this, I believe that ACCORDING TO AUDREY is best for older teens. However, I can certainly see those in the target audience enjoying it greatly.

Reviewed by Breck G., Teen Board Member on June 28, 2018

According to Audrey
by Happy LaShelle