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Access Restricted


Access Restricted

Gregory Scott Katsoulis introduces brilliant sequel to ALL RIGHTS RESERVED from the world with where every word has a price, ACCESS RESTRICTED.

The tower of Silas Rog, fostering the overruling WiFi to Speth’s home in Portland is finally destroyed, freeing her from her long reign of silence, but now what? Affluents roam the street, helpless without their money and power. The poor seek retribution for every wrong against them, attacking almost anyone they can find. Finally, the city is free, but without someone in charge, everyone is looking to Speth for answers she can’t provide. After all this time, the only thing she wants is to reunite her family, but as the government begins to regroup, that future is looking harder and harder to reach. As the government begins to restore and rebuild Portland, Speth and her friends are left with no choice but to leave the city, hoping to find her family. As they venture further and further away from the only home they’ve ever known, more secrets about their world are revealed, each more horrifying than the last. Quickly running out of options, Speth realizes the only way to find her family, and live in a world where she can finally be free is to fight for a way to save it.

"Katsoulis delivers a masterpiece of the written language, combining the words so valued in this dystopian world into something magical."

Yet again, Katsoulis delivers a masterpiece of the written language, combining the words so valued in this dystopian world into something magical. After the first book in this series, I had countless questions about how the sequel would turn out, worried it would fall short of the first, but it did anything but. The high action and constant surprises joined together with a brilliant voice and writing style produced a most compelling sequel, packed with enough excitement that often found myself lost in the words. A common fault among YA novels is the overwhelming romance leading to lack of plot, but ACCESS RESTRICTED never had this problem. Over and over again, each problem that the characters faced seemed realistic, instead of being clouded by forced romance, and their reactions to these situations even more genuine. Making a reader empathize to a world that they aren’t in is a hard challenge for fantasy or sci-fi writers, but Katsoulis’ world, action and characters make this easy.

One of the most captivating aspects of this novel is the way that it mirrors present day and real life issues into their own form in this dystopian world. From immigration, to slavery to class inequality, I constantly found comparisons in the novel that made the complications in the book all too real. Katsoulis has no problem addressing things many writers are too scared to approach, wielding the magic of for entertainment and information, so wonderfully integrated that I almost couldn’t find the difference between fiction and real life.

In contrast to the magnificent effect of silence in the first novel, Speth’s use of dialogue through speeches or conversations is enthralling and eye opening. Katsoulis blends together ideas and action, silence and words, creating enough power in simple words to make me feel the aftershocks down to my bones. Not only in these moments, but the dialogue between characters brought life into the pages, like Norflo’s use of shorted, previously cheaper, words. Seeing things like this made the characters seem real, as they had to face the aftermath of the world that they grew up in.

Words are a commodity that we take for granted, but after reading ACCESS RESTRICTED, all of that will change. Any fans of sci-fi, or lovers of the first book, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, must check out this novel, to learn what can really happen when a rebellion begins by silence.

Reviewed by Jessica K., Teen Board Member on September 20, 2018

Access Restricted
by Gregory Scott Katsoulis