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Absolutely Worthy: Laurel Shadrach, #4


Absolutely Worthy: Laurel Shadrach, #4

College was nothing like Laurel Shadrach thought it would be. In ABSOLUTELY WORTHY, the fourth book in Stephanie Perry Moore's series, the teen heroine finds the pressures of life on her own too much to handle. Laurel heads off to the University of Georgia expecting to have it all. She is the top contender for the last spot on the school's gymnastic team, has a roommate who shares her values, and most of all, is sure that she will be able to win back ex-boyfriend Branson Price with him being in such close proximity.

However, it isn't long before Laurel's neatly laid plans are shattered to pieces. Before classes even start, the pressure begins to mount. Laurel wants to join the prestigious and selective sorority her mother was in. Her obnoxious and often cruel suitemate, Jewels, is also caught up in the sorority hype. As the rush begins, Jewels seems to be on a mission to destroy the self-esteem of everyone around her, especially shy roommate Anna.

Of course, Rush Week is not the only thing on Laurel's mind. Unless she makes the gymnastics team, she most likely will have no means to pay for college, and the nervous energy surely is not helping her performance. Although she finds a mentor in star athlete Nadia, Laurel cannot seem to recapture the glory of her high school days. A series of embarrassing performances might just put the coveted team spot into the hands of rival Summer Love.

However, first and foremost on Laurel's mind is her relationship, or lack thereof, with Branson. Making matters worse is that Branson is rushing for a fraternity, putting the two of them in many awkward situations. Laurel becomes hysterical when she sees him devoting his attentions to other girls and often ignoring her completely. After he refuses to socialize with her at a party, Laurel goes on a drinking binge that only serves to impede the fulfillment of her goals. She's determined to do anything to win him back, even the things that ended their relationship in the first place. While her world seems to be spiraling out of control, a tragic night puts everything in perspective and changes the lives of everyone involved.

ABSOLUTEY WORTHY is a fast-paced introduction to Laurel Shadrach's college life. Readers will enjoy the new surroundings and characters that the novel introduces. It is important to note that the book heavily ties to Moore's Payton Skky series, as the two title characters are roommates. Fans of Moore's fiction undoubtedly will enjoy the page-turning drama here, though the title character's obsession with her ex-boyfriend seems to have gone on too long, and readers most likely will long for closure. Several issues are unresolved, most notably a new relationship with a mystery guy, leaving much anticipation for the fifth installment.

Reviewed by Jennifer Crosby on July 1, 2003

Absolutely Worthy: Laurel Shadrach, #4
by Stephanie Perry Moore

  • Publication Date: July 1, 2003
  • Genres: Christian, Fiction
  • Paperback: 208 pages
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • ISBN-10: 080244038X
  • ISBN-13: 9780802440389