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A Question of Holmes


A Question of Holmes

Charlotte Holmes and Jamie Watson finally have breathing room to relax at Oxford. For the first time in years, there’s nobody trying to kill them, blackmail them or ruin their reputations. For the first time in years, there’s no mystery for them to solve.


Or is there?


When Charlotte is approached by a former leader of the Oxford theatre program, a new case is offered to her. Last year, strange things began happening during the rehearsals: lights fell onto the stage, items went missing, and after every event an orchid was left at the scene. In the end, a girl disappeared the night before a show. For the past year, no new evidence has been indicated and the case is cold.


But when Charlotte and Jamie join the theatre program, the strange happenings resume, including the appearance of orchids. As their lives and new allies are threatened, Watson and Holmes must race to solve the crime --- before it’s too late.


First thing about this book: I feel like its main purpose is to provide a bit of closure. At the end of the last book, we were left with an air of “oh wow, a possibility of future adventure!” It’s not like that kind of finishing tone is a bad thing, because it isn’t, but adding on this last installment really ties it all up in a good way!


One of the things I liked about this book was that, since it’s written from Charlotte’s perspective and not Jamie’s, we got to understand Charlotte a bit more. This book is really about Charlotte changing from the chaotic mess she was before into more of a regular, functioning person. At least a little bit. The other books in the series were about Jamie and Charlotte’s relationship and that whole dynamic, but this one really focuses on Charlotte as an individual!


As for the actual mystery, it was somewhat less intriguing than I would have hoped. It was interesting, but I feel like we weren't provided with enough clues early on in the story. As time passed, the stakes got a bit higher, but a slow beginning kind of dulled down the thrill of the mystery.


And finally, my one main problem --- why? Why are they bothering to solve this mystery? What is the personal stake here? There isn’t any of the frantic necessity that we saw in the other books. There isn’t a real reason why they’re bothering at all. What is the point? I mean, in the other books the mystery was kind of based around Charlotte and her rivalry with the Moriartys. In those, her life was being threatened, essentially, nonstop and she didn’t really have a choice but to be involved.


So yeah! This book was a worthy ending to the Charlotte Holmes series. It fulfilled my hopes and dreams and left me satisfied! I recommend this book to everyone who loves the series. And to everyone who loves mysteries. And to everyone who --- ok, basically, everyone should read this book!

Reviewed by Nina L. on February 14, 2019

A Question of Holmes
by Brittany Cavallaro