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A Kiss in the Dark


A Kiss in the Dark

When you are falling for someone, that feeling is all consuming. What would you think if that person isn’t the one for you? Can a person fall in love with two different people and neither of them be the right person? How can a person be wrong about who their real love is?


In A KISS IN THE DARK, Macy Atwood finds herself falling for the bad boy outcast, Joel Hargrove. The homecoming dance changes everything; Joel lies and leaves Macy at the last minute. A year later Macy gets asked to homecoming by Joel again, and by Joel's biggest enemy, Noah Granger. Macy doesn’t know who to pick after she is kissed in the middle of a blackout at the school's football game. Throughout all of this, Macy loses her best friend Meredith due to the fact that her boyfriend Ben also has feelings for Macy. Was Ben actually comforting Macy at homecoming or trying to get with her? Macy has two clear options, but are they really even options at all? Will the truth of who her mystery kisser is come out?

This book has just enough romance in it to where it gives me my fix, but it wasn’t in-your-face romance. A KISS IN THE DARK entangles romance at the same time. Throughout the book, you don’t know what is going to happen or who Macy’s mystery kisser is. It is a mix of drama, romance and mystery all in the perfect mix for a teen reader. I think the book should’ve also focused on what happened after Macy finds out who kissed her. At the end, there is a cliffhanger because you have become so invested in the characters’ relationships but don’t get to see where they go from there. I enjoyed A KISS IN THE DARK so much and it should be put onto your TBR list. I would even say that this book is set up perfectly for a sequel. I think Gina Ciocca got her point across in the book by letting the reader get an insight into Macy's brain as everything is happening. It is such a cute, fun and not too hard to read book.

I would recommend A KISS IN THE DARK to any teen who likes reading romance and drama. A lot of teen girls go through finding love and dealing with heartbreak for the first time in high school. This is something most teen girls can relate to because it deals with high schoolers. A KISS IN THE DARK also encompasses real life issues like what it is like to come out to your family which might also help someone who is trying to come out. In the book you see how people struggle with their secrets. It is a great read for any teen who loves to read about romance.

Reviewed by Amara L. on June 19, 2018

A Kiss in the Dark
by Gina Ciocca