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A Dangerous Year


A Dangerous Year

Kes Trester is the debut author of A DANGEROUS YEAR, the first book in the new Riley Collins series from Curiosity Quills Press. Trester has worked in a variety of occupations before becoming a published author including a feature film development executive, independent film producer and commercial TV producer. Blurbed by the producer of Twilight, The Maze Runner, and The Fault in Our Stars, A DANGEROUS YEAR released in September 2017.

A DANGEROUS YEAR is the story of Riley Collins, the daughter of an American ambassador who has been stationed in countless cities all around the world. Currently, Riley is living with her father and another father figure who is in charge of security: Benson in Karachi, Pakistan. When Riley gathers too many enemies to be safe in Karachi, the U.S. State Department recruits her for a mission at the elite Harrington Academy in Connecticut. Her job is to keep the affluent and famous Hayden Frazier safe from people who want to keep her father’s revolutionary technology from the government and its allies.

"I was stunned by how much fun I had while reading this book….Overall, A DANGEROUS YEAR was truly riveting and makes me excited to see what work Kes Trester will produce in the future."

I had nonexistent expectations for this debut, and I was stunned by how much fun I had while reading this book. Barely over the two hundred page mark, this book will leave you wanting more adventures and danger. While I thought that the setting and plot were well-researched, some of the story was a bit unbelievable. Action-packed as it was, those questions of reality were quickly forgotten. I appreciated the addition of revolutionary technology and found it makes the novel stand out among other similar stories. The boarding school setting is always one full of drama and intrigue, and the future books in the series have the opportunity to go anywhere in the world, which offers a lot of potential for Trester to expand these characters and the plot.

Each chapter begins with one of Benson’s rules for Riley. The relationship between Riley, Benson and her dad was perfect, and the family dynamic was compelling and unique to the genre. Even if the nature of the story was notably predictable, it did not stop me from wondering what would happen next. Because it is such a fast read, it is ideal to get any reader out of a reading slump. With an apparent building love triangle and a jaw-dropping conclusion, the Riley Collins series is bound to become more and more enthralling with each installment. Overall, A DANGEROUS YEAR was truly riveting and makes me excited to see what work Kes Trester will produce in the future.

I would recommend A DANGEROUS YEAR to teens who enjoy romance, mystery and adventure. Blending all three aspects in a fast-paced and engaging style, this novel is incredibly difficult to put down. Read Trester’s debut if you are looking for a fun and refreshing read that will leave you aching for more of the characters and world.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on January 10, 2018

A Dangerous Year
by Kes Trester