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9 Days and 9 Nights


9 Days and 9 Nights

Katie Cotugno is the author of numerous young adult romance and contemporary novels. She studied at Emerson College, where she wrote her first draft of HOW TO LOVE, and Lesley University. She has been nominated for several writing awards, and her work has appeared in multiple literary journals. She currently lives in Boston. Besides HOW TO LOVE, she has also published TOP 10, FIREWORKS, 99 DAYS and her newest novel, 9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS.

9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS is the more mature sequel to 99 DAYS and follows most of the same characters. Molly has moved on from her high school relationships and now attends college in Boston with a new boyfriend, Ian. But the last year or so was not all excellent for her. She had a huge falling out with her ex-boyfriend and his family before she left. When she goes on vacation with Ian to Europe, she runs into her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend Sadie, creating many awkward moments for all of them.

"Katie Cotugno knows how to write enthralling and dramatic scenes are characters. I highly recommend [9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS] to everyone who read 99 DAYS...."

It has been a while since I picked up 99 DAYS, and I never expected there to be a sequel. I was delighted by 9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS and was able to jump right into the story without rereading 99 DAYS. As soon as I began reading, I remembered everything I appreciate about Katie Cotugno’s writing style. The first novel I read by her was HOW TO LOVE, which was a serious read that I enjoyed and left me thinking. I am thrilled with the direction of this sequel, and it added to the first book and did not devalue it.

Molly is by no means an incredibly likable or perfect character, but she makes mistakes and acknowledges them. 9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS focuses a lot on her desire to reinvent herself, and the way that turns out for her is a good lesson for all. Gabe is a lot of the same, and while I did really like Molly’s new boyfriend Ian, Gabe and Molly seem always to have some unfinished business they need to work through. While elements of her life in her hometown of Star Lake are present, this sequel is almost wholly character-driven. Even though it takes place in picture-perfect European vacation destinations, the relationships are the most critical aspects of the novel.

9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS is the kind of sequel that I was not sure these characters needed, but it indeed helped the original story. I liked the time jump between books because the characters needed time to figure out their own lives apart from each other. It was also a much shorter book than the first, and it was a quick and compelling 272 pages. College-aged Molly deals with a lot of adult issues that I am glad were addressed.

Overall, I like 9 DAYS AND 9 NIGHTS more than 99 DAYS, and I could not stop reading it. Katie Cotugno knows how to write enthralling and dramatic scenes are characters. I highly recommend it to everyone who read 99 DAYS and even remotely enjoyed it. If possible, try to read 99 DAYS before reading this on so that you understand all of the intricacies of the relationships. Romance readers who want a little bit of drama will most likely enjoy these books. Also, if you liked this author’s other books, this one is very similar.

Reviewed by Grace P., Teen Board Member on May 29, 2018

9 Days and 9 Nights
by Katie Cotugno