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27 Hours (The Nightside Saga)


27 Hours (The Nightside Saga)

Rumor Mora is a gargoyle killer who witnesses firsthand his city HUB2 falling and his father's death. Jude Welton is a gargoyle lover who lives in the forest and is on a rescue mission to save Vala the hidden gargoyle. Nyx Llorca just wants to confess her true feelings to her best friend Dahlia. Braeden Tennant is the son of the commander. The four of them are drawn together because of the attack on HUB2. They have to release Jude's friend, find the attacker of HUB2 Reaper, and somehow wrangle their feelings for each other into check.

I can say one thing about 27 HOURS: it definitely contains a lot of different types of characters. Diversity is hot topic always, so I was excited to see the characters on the sexuality spectrum. We had asexual Braeden and pansexual Nyx. I loved Dahlia's joke that they were "All or nothing." It was hilarious. There was also gender diversity with Yi-Min and racial diversity. But the diversity was not being shoved down my throat. It existed, but it was not the main point of the book. The book was focused more on building the relationships between the characters which I enjoyed.

'If you like sci-fi books exploring diversity, read 27 HOURS. If you like romance and unlikely relationships, read 27 HOURS."

The problem was that there were too many main characters to pay attention to. There were four main characters Rumor, Jude, Nyx, and Braeden and two side characters who were basically main characters Trick and Dahlia. Not to mention the other side characters such as Wren (Haha, Wren!) and Angel and Gabriel and Bailey. Trying to keep track of who they all were and who they are related to was a hassle for the first few chapters. Especially because the chapters kept switching perspectives. Something I did love was that the perspectives kept switching between two completely different parts of the story. One might start with Rumor and jump to Jude who has not met Rumor or any of the HUB or colony dwellers yet. Because there were too many characters, I could not fall in love with any of them.

I believe that Nyx and Rumor were the two most important characters, and Jude and Braeden could have been side characters. Rumor starts the whole story, and Nyx brings in a mystical aspect and ties Braeden to Rumor. It could have been even Rumor and Jude with their opposing views. If the story was split between two people, then it might have been easier to focus and relate to these characters.

I understand that the author wanted to have various perspectives, but Braeden and Rumor started to melt together and become one massive colony-born, gargoyle-hating lump. Yes, they are different people, but it is hard to tell early on. I kept mixing the two of them up.

And if you noticed, there are an even number of characters. At least, “main” characters. Which means, yes, they end up pairing off. It is obvious that there would be at least two couples (The description says so). Yet, I still felt annoyed when the last 'couple' appeared. It is not a couple in the romantic sense, but I still count it. There were multiple hits that these two were coming together and starting to like each other. Romance is good in small doses, but this is too much.

The climax of the story came too close to the end. The whole book led up to the confrontation with Reaper, but the actual fight scene was boring. Sure, there were some stakes, but it did not feel as tense as it could. I wanted more lives to be threatened, the relationships to be tested. The fight scene is very close to the end. So close that the book has no resolution and ends on a terrible cliffhanger.

If you like sci-fi books exploring diversity, read 27 HOURS. If you like romance and unlikely relationships, read 27 HOURS.

Reviewed by Wren Lee on November 29, 2017

27 Hours (The Nightside Saga)
by Tristina Wright