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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

In our last update, I talked about my "read-solution" to read more. Although I didn't mention it, there was actually a second part of this resolution: to attend more book events. Working in New York City means that you are never more than a subway ride away from an author event on nearly any given day. With so many fantastic authors on tour this month, this part of my goal was easy to kick off.

Happy New Year! After ending 2017 in a bit of a reading slump, I made it my New Year's read-solution to really buckle down and read more. I started with THIS IS NOT A LOVE LETTER by Kim Purcell, which releases on January 30th. This book follows Jessie, a teenage girl whose boyfriend, Chris, has gone missing. Chris was one of the only African Americans in their poor paper mill town, so Jessie immediately suspects foul play. As the search for Chris continues and the tension heightens, Jessie writes letters to him, exposing some hidden details of their relationship and their interactions with their friends and families. Purcell writes about the hardships of an interracial relationship really well, and her cast of characters is not only diverse, but really well fleshed out. Oh yes, I cried.