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Hi Teenreaders,

While I bow down to beautifully crafted characters, to page-turning plotlines with thoughtful dips and bends, to words that flow to their own beat, sometimes, it's the setting that really breathes life into a story.

I recently had the chance to hear David Almond speak --- you’ve probably heard me wax poetic about his book THE TIGHTROPE WALKERS throughout 2015, and our reviewers Sarah Rachel Egelman and Alison S. have equally gushing thoughts about HALF A CREATURE FROM THE SEA and A SONG FOR ELLA GREY, respectively. One common thread in Almond’s titles --- aside from his lilting language --- is their inextricable tie to northern England, the area where he grew up.

Hi Teenreaders,

Not to sound like an old-school SAT test, but I’m all about analogies today. You know --- a Pumpkin Spice Latte is to fall as Hot Chocolate is to:

A) Fall
B) Winter
C) Mini Marshmallows
D) Cat-shaped Marshmallows 
E) Tea

(The answer is B, by the way). While they no longer exist on standardized tests, analogies help you translate something that might be out of someone’s grasp into terms that are more understandable.