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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

Hi Teenreaders,

As you may have noticed, we get pretty excited about “Books on Screen” on Teenreads --- we highlight the latest film versions of your favorite novels every month, interview people whose very job is to make these adaptations come to life and swoon about all things “John Green on screen” and The Hunger Games.

There’s a simple reason for this: it’s always interesting to see how words on a page will translate to the theater, even if that interest is tinged with fear. Will the screenwriter keep exact lines of dialogue and enact as many scenes as possible, hoping to stay true to the novel and prevent an uprising from its diehard fans? Or will they simply “base” their movie project on the tale, keeping the story as the skeleton but padding it with some very different flesh (sorry, that was a gross image, wasn’t it?).

Hi Teenreaders!

One of my favorite things to do on Teenreads is to look at our poll results every month, and last month was no exception. We asked you to tell us which bookish summer job you’d like, and you came back with opinions --- 37% of you would do anything to become a counselor at Camp Half Blood from the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, while 24% would apprentice under the one-and-only Sherlock Holmes --- looks like you’re an adventurous, stealthy group!

Since this was such a fun question, we decided to open it up a little more and ask our Teen Board members and some of our favorite authors to weigh in. You can find Teen Board member answers in our monthly Teen Board question feature here and authors’ answers below! Be warned, though --- these fantastical positions might make your ice cream parlor or amusement park gig seem a little lackluster.