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Hello, Teenreaders!

I have a secret. I like to write (and not just these newsletter openers!). I mean short stories and occasional poems, plus I’ve always dreamed about penning that next great YA novel (haven’t we all?). But here’s the thing: it’s hard to find the time when you work in the publishing industry like I do.

I'm not complaining --- if you’re into the literary scene, there’s nothing more exciting than being surrounded by books and authors on a daily basis --- but when you’re constantly reading, editing people’s book reviews, going to cool book events and coming up with ideas for fun roundups, it’s difficult to squeeze in the energy to listen to your own muse.

Hello, Teenreaders!

It’s always fun to write a newsletter opener after BookExpo America (BEA) --- a big publishing conference in New York City --- because I feel like my head is crammed full of YA information that I’m just dying to share with all of you. This year was no exception --- I pulled at least three different muscles from grabbing (and dragging around) so many fall 2015 galleys, got to meet some fascinating (and hilarious) authors and was all around inspired for another year in great books. Read below to learn about my favorite discoveries from the conference, and start writing your fall TBR (to be read) lists early --- they’re going to be long this year!