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Hi Teenreaders,

I always love to ask an author about his or her writing process because it’s so intensely personal. Some compose a rigid outline before they begin page one, and others just dive right into the manuscript, trusting their characters to lead the way. Some only write in the wee hours of the morning or at their favorite coffee shop or while disconnected from the internet, while still others write five-page biographies for each character or create bulletin boards of images that evoke the mood of their fictional world. And from all of my conversations, no two authors do it the same way.

And this has always made me wonder --- how on earth do authors write books together? I am curious because more and more books on the market aren’t just by Awesome Author X or Amazing Writer Y --- they’re by Awesome Author X and Amazing Writer Y --- two authors with one concept, one set of characters, one climax.

Hi Teenreaders,

I have a confession to make: this month, I haven’t felt particularly professional. As a journalist in the young adult book world, it’s my job to know about books, read books, write about books…and, sometimes, meet people who write books. And since it’s my career, I have to act composed when that happens --- smile, nod and be a normal, non-shrieking human.

I gave it a valiant effort this April and May, but I’ve got to be honest…I was holding myself together --- a lot. When I saw Emily St. John Mandel, the author of the bestselling (and beautifully written) adult book STATION ELEVEN, get off at my subway stop in Brooklyn, my heart started beating at record levels as she neared my street. Could someone so famous be my neighbor?! (Shamefully, I slowed my abnormally fast walking pace on my block to see if she’d enter an apartment before I entered mine…she didn’t).