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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

Hi Teenreaders!

As someone who works in the book world, I'm exposed to people's literary opinions all day, every day. Sometimes, these opinions come from our reviewers, both in the actual language of their review --- like Teen Board member Cassandra H.’s assertion that ONE THING STOLEN by Beth Kephart “is written in watercolor; it’s beautiful, poetic and arresting” --- and in little notes just to me, like when Anita Lock excitedly declares “another 5 star book!!!!!!” in the subject of an email.

Other times, they slip into conversation at an author event or a publisher meeting --- in the book world, “What are you reading? What are you loving?” is as common a greeting as “Hi! How are you?”

Happy April, Teen readers!

Since it's National Poetry Month, I'm going to tell you something right now --- I think that novels in verse are genius, plain and simple.

Why, you may ask? Because they help bridge one of the biggest false binaries among book lovers everywhere. You know those unnecessary divisions I'm talking about --- just like there are some people who only read nonfiction (news flash: novels reveal truths, too!), refuse to pick up a YA book after they reach a certain age (just because it stars a teenager doesn't mean it's not well-written!) or automatically turn down a book of a certain genre (I promise that a little science fiction, historical fiction or contemporary realistic fiction won't bite), a lot of people turn their nose up at poetry as a rule. It doesn't matter the context --- no prose, no thank you.