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Hi Teenreaders!

I know that September is a pretty hectic month in your lives --- waking up early for school, completing piles of homework each night and squeezing in time for friends, extracurricular activities and maybe a pumpkin bar or two.

Well, the book world is no different! In September, tons of great books come out (later in our newsletter you’ll find excellent reviews of ON A CLEAR DAY, SKINK, BEETLE BOY and more), and there are some really cool events and awards! Here is a quick roundup:

Hi Teenreaders!

I hope you’re having a great transition back to school --- or at least one that’s not too difficult (let’s be real, here).

While we don’t get to experience that “back-to-school” excitement here at The Book Report Network offices (minus Carol, who had a great time helping her younger son find all of his belongings the day before he returned to college --- though apparently he forgot his fitted sheets), we do have lots of exciting things on the site this month!