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Hi Teenreaders!

I hope you’re making the most of the last few weeks of summer --- maybe some of you have big Labor Day weekend plans? Unfortunately, mine involves moving into a new apartment (I promise, this is the last newsletter that will be moving-obsessed) so I won’t get to go to any fun barbeques --- but maybe a nice new neighbor will pass me a cheeseburger as I carry things up and down the stairs? You never know!

While daydreaming about corn on the cob is delightful enough, I think it's much more fun to think about food in books, whether its treats that don't actually exist or joyful meals that I wish I could take part in.

Hey Teenreaders,

I hope that your August thus far has been packed with beach trips, barbeques and sunshine. I’m sorry to report that mine hasn’t been filled with such typical summer fare --- instead, I’ve spent most of my evenings on the subway, going from one neighborhood to the next in the horror that is known as “apartment searching in New York.” While this has mostly been, to put it lightly, the opposite of fun, there are a couple of positives.