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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

Happy summer Teenreaders!

We’re excited to announce a really cool opportunity for you this month: we've been asked by a company to help name a YA website! While we’ll give you more details later in the newsletter, this project got me thinking about the importance of names, especially when it comes to books.

Everyone talks about “not judging a book by its cover,” but what about judging a book by its title? Is that something you do? How much does the title of a book (particularly for fiction) influence your decision to pick it up and read it?

Hi Teenreaders,

I hope you all had excellent Fourth of July weekends! I visited family and friends in Massachusetts and reveled in all of the traditional celebratory activities. And by all I suppose I mean most --- because of the hurricane on the East Coast, fireworks got pushed to July 3rd and I missed them. Still though, it was an excellent trip and I even learned a few things:

1) What’s better than salt and butter on corn on the cob? Cilantro lime butter! It’s easy to make and adds the perfect kick.

2) Fricket --- a blend of Frisbee and cricket --- might just be the best lawn game of all time (although Wiffle balll is a close second).

3) When canoeing, make sure to factor in more time when you’re going against the current --- and prepare for more acute arm soreness.

4) Audiobooks are pretty awesome!