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Hi Teenreaders,

I love all of the traditional ways to celebrate Independence Day --- barbeques, fireworks (especially the kinds that look like gold glitter and make crackling noises as they fall), friends, lawn games if you’re lucky, swimming if you’re extra lucky, canoeing if you’re extra, extra lucky…you get the picture.

But I was thinking, there must be some literary ways to celebrate this beloved summer holiday, and I don’t mean reading the Declaration of Independence (although you certainly can, if you’d like). Here is a list I came up with --- if you can think of more, be sure to email me at or tweet to @Teenreads.

Hi Teenreaders!

I have a confession: last week, I was psyched to attend “The Night Before Our Stars” --- the Thursday night screening of The Fault in Our Stars followed by a live interview with the cast --- but I was nervous, too. Why? Because I was seeing it alone. I have friends who love going to the movie theater by themselves --- they grab a bucket of popcorn and get lost in a film without a second thought --- but I’ve never been one of them.

Hi Teenreaders!

I have to tell you something that might make you a little bit jealous --- earlier this month, I found myself simultaneously wearing a flowy blue dress, eating mac & cheese and crab cakes, and talking to Lauren Myracle (THE INFINITE MOMENT OF US) about buffet lines and traveling across the United States. Where was I, you ask? At the 2014 Children's Choice Book Awards Gala!