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Earlier this month I rambled on (and on...and on...) about New Year's resolutions, which I feel is only natural --- in January, the mind-set is all, "new year, new you!" But as the days wear on and you start going to the gym way less than you promised, watch yet another episode of "Pretty Little Liars" instead of starting your homework and put off starting the next Great American Novel for tomorrow night, it's time to actually get introspective. Sure, you wanted to be a healthy, non-procrastinating famous author (and a gourmet chef, too!) but who actually are you?

Happy New Year, Teenreads friends!

We hope that 2014 is off to a good start for you, even if, in most parts of the country, it has been an astronomically cold one! I couldn't feel my fingers after walking just five minutes between the subway and my friend's apartment three nights ago, even though I was wearing gloves (given they weren't very high quality...that's what you get for prioritizing silver sparkles over warmth when selecting winter wear). I don't feel right complaining, though, when so many of my friends still live in the Midwest and were homebound due to winter winds and temperatures as low as -50 degrees.