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During the dead of winter, when I feel as if I will never feel warm EVER AGAIN, I salivate over the thought of summer. I even dream of palm trees and beaches, although I’ve never lived anywhere that could boast having either of those. When I get cold, I freeze and don’t thaw until the temperature raises about 75 degrees for at LEAST five days in a row. Seriously! So you can imagine how much I appreciate the heat --- even if it does tend to rise to levels unbearable to the average human.

Sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation, especially when there is travel involved! Even though I had a wonderful time with my family and friends in Chicago for the Fourth of July weekend, my trip was overwhelmed with delays --- EIGHT hours total, actually. But, as all you fellow avid readers can bet, I was well-armed with some upcoming fall YA books to get me through the unexplained waiting. While most other passengers were getting fidgety or taking out their frustrations on the flight attendants, I was off trying to sabotage the Guild and find a way back to Arras in Gennifer Albin’s follow up to CREWEL, ALTERED; then on the trip back, I was traveling back in time to kill the boy I loved before he lets his ambition destroy the country in ALL OUR YESTERDAYS by Cristin Terrill.