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For some reason, it seems like everyone is racing around, preparing for the beginning of summer. For us in NYC, there's been an increase in pedestrian traffic, especially of students in caps and gowns as many colleges and universities located in the city are hosting graduations these last two weeks, which has made it a little harder to get from Point A to Point B. But it goes beyond my failed attempts at safely navigating the city --- there is a consistent surge of anticipatory energy that surrounds the months directly before the summer season. Can you feel it, too?

May weather is perfect for running outdoors. The sun and a slight breeze are incredibly inviting and makes it really difficult to think about running inside on a treadmill…I feel guilty wasting this wonderful weather INSIDE when I can be OUTSIDE doing the same activity. Despite the sun, it is still difficult to rouse myself out of bed in the morning even though my first half marathon race is on May 18th. (Ahhh! Wish me luck!) On weekends, I usually wait until midday to venture out onto the city streets and use my run as an excuse to explore.