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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

As I'm sure many of you know, yesterday the American Library Association (ALA) announced their winners of some of the biggest book prizes of the year. We at watched the awards on a live webcast at 11AM. I grabbed some headphones and morning coffee before they began!

You will recognize many of these titles if you are a regular reader of For us, it was exciting to see that we featured many of them during 2012.

Ah January…the month where New Year’s resolutions are made. Speaking of which…I wish I could say my New Year’s resolutions started out productively, but I found myself down with THE flu that is running rampant across the nation (how boring to be one of THOSE statistics) and finally have enough energy to go to the gym. BUT the flu did not get in the way of my reading resolution, which is going splendidly. How many books are you planning on reading in 2013? According to our poll, most of you want to read either 21-30 or over 100 books. Sooo either you are full-out dedicated to reading more this year, or you are aiming low to be sure you reach your goal by the end of 2013. Too funny, everyone!