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Archives - Teenreads Monthly Update

This month has had me traveling to Portland and Seattle, which has been one busy but great trip. It's been fun visiting bookstores in these cities and meeting readers and some of our reviewers. As soon as I fly back, I am headed to the Outer Banks for Spring Break and looking forward to catching up on my reading. I think I have read the same page three times in the book that I have with me before I fall asleep --- a reflection on me, not the book! It's a very good page, but I look forward to some reading time next week. May it be warm enough there to sit outside!

Spring is just around the corner, and I for one could not be more excited (I'm heading to the Outer Banks for Spring Break in a few weeks!). I've always been a summer girl, and with the warm weather starting up, especially after all the snow we got this winter, I definitely have an early case of spring fever.