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December 19, 2013
December 19, 2013

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Last Newsletter of the Year!

Happy December!

And Happy Almost-Christmas, Happy-Winter-Break, Happy Last-Couple-of-Weeks-of-the-Year, Happy Month-of-Wandering-Your-Neighborhood-and-Looking-for-the-Best-Light-Displays, Happy Epic-Snowball-Fight-as-Long-as-You-Don't-Injure-Your-Younger-Sibling, and Happy You-Finally-Have-an-Excuse-to-Curl-Up-on-a-Couch-and-Read-What-You-Want-All-Day-and-Pretend-You-Don't-Hear-Your-Parents-Asking-You-to-Set-the-Table!

I know, that sounded ridiculously cheery (and included a ridiculous amount of hyphens), but I think you can probably relate to my sentiments. Even if the ground is covered in trampled-over, slightly graying snow here in New York, I'm willing to argue that December is the most enchanting month of the year. For instance, I was in New Brunswick, New Jersey last Sunday walking from the bus station to my friend's apartment, and passed some quiet streets, a few shops and a giant medical should have been uneventful. However, all of the sudden, two horse-drawn carriages started clomping beside me on the street. The horses were huge and white and adorned in feather headpieces and bells, so they jingled with every step. It was such a pleasant surprise --- I expect to see that in Central Park and other touristy enclaves, but not in a random neighborhood on a Sunday night…how festive! (Please insert corny, sentimental music, here).

And speaking of the you still have gifts to buy? If so you’re in luck. If you know other bookworms, check out the Children’s Book Council’s online store, which features illustrations by famous children’s book artists on mugs, bags, water bottles and more. It would make a great present for a bookish younger sibling, or perhaps a "to me/from me" present for you! I particularly love Bruno Munari’s playful flamingo print and the dramatic ship by Joseph Binder.

Also, every major outlet on the internet seems to have picked up on the fact that book-themed gifts are very in vogue, and have rounded up stunning editions of classic works, book-inspired jewelry, TEMPORARY TATTOOS, and literary-themed cards for every technological device out there. Check out our “roundup of roundups” (quite meta, I know) further down in the newsletter, and you’ll definitely find that one gift your bookworm best friend can’t live without.

OK, I am officially stepping off the holiday train now (that’s actually a thing in Chicago) and moving onto the books!

While not too many books are published at this time of year, late November and early December has definitely been a great time for book-related events. The highlight was the ALAN conference in Boston right before Thanksgiving, which was two days of panels featuring YA authors, from debut writers to long-established greats like Jack Gantos, Laurie Halse Anderson and Tamora Pierce. Everyone got a HUGE box of free books (though getting it to the post office was laughable...the conference hall was swarming with people basically kicking their boxes down the hall to the elevators), and after each panel you could get your books signed. Every YA fan’s dream, right?

I also got to go to some great “extra” events, like a screening of Catching Fire with an intro by THE HUNGER GAMES editor David Levithan, and a Random House-sponsored dinner. Judy Blume was just one table away from me, and it was fascinating to see everyone in the room --- even other authors and children’s literature professors --- become flabbergasted in her presence. People were asking her to take photos, and although I was kicking myself for forgetting my worn copy of ARE YOU THERE GOD, IT’S ME, MARGARET?, I had her sign a business card that I could tape to the inside cover. Not the same, but it will do. It’s so cool to see how certain authors like Judy Blume can bring everyone together. The room was full of people of all ages, and each of us had shared a special moment with at least one of her books. If you want a complete list of my favorite ALAN moments, check out the blog post here!

I also attended my first Jefferson Market Library YA reading in NYC. The library hosts a Teen Authors Reading Night once a month, where a group of authors read aloud from their books and answer questions from the audience and the moderator. This group was led by David Levithan and included Matt de La Pena and Andy Marino (and we just posted reviews for THE LIVING and UNCRASHABLE DAKOTA on our site…check them out!) A few fascinating things to come out of the event.

First, many authors talk about Goodreads with passionate hatred (and swear words!) It turns out that it can be pretty tough to hear the public's opinions on their books, especially when they aren't saying the nicest things...a few of the authors actually blocked the site from their computers! (I wonder if they feel the same way about Teenreads reviews!)

Second, authors have very strong opinions on the ever-popular “girl book” vs. “boy book” debate. Do gendered books really exist, and are they a good idea? David Levithan said that he hates the term “girl book” and “boy book” because not every boy and every girl likes the same thing, so it's unreasonable to make such a vast generalization. Plus, sometimes the industry is completely wrong in their predictions. David explained that everyone people originally thought John Green wrote “boy books,” and now his readership is gender-neutral, and potentially skewed towards female. At the same time, though, Jeff Hirsch, author of THE DARKEST PATH, said that there is nothing wrong with having niche books, whether that includes gender or not. Everyone deserves a book that feels like it was written just for them.

Come hear what our readers have to say on the gendered book topic with our He Said/She Said feature! You can see whether readers thought that WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST by Jason Reynolds looked like a “boy book” or “girl book” based on the cover alone, and what our Teen Members who read the book actually thought of it. And definitely vote in our poll for our next He Said/She Said title, THE WELL’S END by Seth Fishman. Does the cover look like it would appeal to male readers, female readers or both?

The last slew of book events were publisher previews at Penguin and Macmillan. Publishers generally present their upcoming books to teachers and librarians (and us!) so they know what to expect for the coming season. I definitely heard about a few that I can’t wait to devour. From Macmillan, I’ve already started THE RIVERMAN by Aaron Starmer, and am loving it so far. I'm also particularly excited about LOVE LETTERS TO THE DEAD by Ava Dellaira and the graphic novel THIS ONE SUMMER by Jillian Tamaki and illustrated by Mariko Tamaki. And then there’s the final installment of Leigh Barudgo’s The Grisha Trilogy, RUIN AND RISING...I can’t wait! From Penguin, I’m most looking forward to the middle grade book THE SITTIN’ UP by Shelia P. Moses and two January YA novels: THIS STAR WON’T GO OUT by Esther Earl --- the girl who inspired John Green’s THE FAULT IN OUR STARS --- and THE IMPOSSIBLE KNIFE OF MEMORY by Laurie Halse Anderson. Be sure to check out these books (and more) in our Coming Soon section!

OK, now it is seriously time to wrap this up. Be sure to read the rest of the newsletter to learn more about all sorts of other great features on the site, including our Reviewers and Teen Board Picks of 2013. Fair warning, though --- if you read it, we bet your TBR list will grow by at least five pages. You can also find Books on Screen, Cool & New, our blog, our poll –-- if 2013 was a book, what would it be? --- new reviews, AND our Holiday Bundle of Cheer contest! Lucky you, we’ve extended the contest by an extra day, so ENTER BEFORE NOON on THIS Friday and you could ring in the holidays with a stack of some of the best YA books published in 2013.

For fun in the photo on the upper right, see a holiday tree that was constructed from books. We know the person who built it and it looks a LOT easier to build than it was, in case you are inspired to try this at home!

So with that, Merry Christmas (to those of you who celebrate), Happy New Year, and we’ll talk again in 2014!

--- Shara Zaval (

Happy Holidays...or Cheerful Holidays?

GOOD NEWS --- we've extended our Holiday Bundle of Cheer contest by ONE day, meaning you have until NOON THIS FRIDAY to enter!

As a reminder, our Holiday Bundle of Cheer contest is (in our humble opinion), one of the best contests for YA fans out there. You have the chance to win SEVEN thrilling YA titles from 2013. If you win, you'll likely hibernate in your room until you finish all seven, but we think it's well worth it. We also have some surprise goodies in there, just to add to the festivities :) What better way to ring in the holidays?

To enter, fill out this form by noon EST on December 20. Good luck!

THE DREAM THIEVES by Maggie Stiefvater
MAYBE ONE DAY by Melissa Kantor
THE MAZE RUNNER by James Dashner
PAWN by Aimee Carter
PUSHED by Corrine Jackson
THE REGISTRY by Shannon Stoker
SIX MONTHS LATER by Natalie D. Richards



Click here to enter our Holiday Bundle of Cheer now!

Best Books of the Year! Our Reviewers/Teen Board Give Their Two Cents

There's no better way to start an argument with self-proclaimed book nerds than to ask "what is the best children's book of 2013?" We decided to get our lovely reviewers and Teen Board members involved in the debate by asking them to list their favorites and explain what they like about them. Click here to view their choices, and see if you agree!



Teen Choice Book of the Year Award --- YOU Get to Choose Who Gets Nominated!

We talked about this in the last newsletter, but remember, you still have time to make sure that your five favorite books of 2013 get nominated for the Teen Choice Book of the Year award, which the Children’s Book Council (CBC) and Every Child a Reader (ECAR) hosts every May.

All you have to do is fill out this form between now and January 31st, 2014 at noon EST, selecting YOUR favorites. You can choose books from the list we provide, or add another title. Once the votes are tallied, the five books with the most votes will become the official Teen Choice Award nominees! So make sure to vote, and tell your friends and classmates to do the same! We can't wait to see the results.

Click here to vote for your favorite books of 2013 for the CBC Teen Choice Book of the Year Award!

A Great Place for Last Minute Holiday Gifts!

Are you still looking for gifts for family and friends? Uh oh, time is ticking! If they happen to be book lovers like you, we can help --- visit the Children's Book Week store online! Click this link to learn how to purchase prints, posters, t-shirts, mugs, calendars and more featuring designs created for Children’s Book Week by well-known children's book illustrators, including Maurice Sendak, Tomi dePaola, Rosemary Wells, Lane Smith, Ian Falconer, Kevin Henkes, and more. It also offers an easy opportunity to do some good, as proceeds from the Children’s Book Week store benefit Every Child a Reader (ECAR), the 501(c)(3) literacy organization dedicated to instilling a lifelong love of reading in children.

Happy shopping!



And a Few Other Places to Turn for Last Minute Present Ideas

Let's be there anything more fun (or addictive) than roundups? Lucky for you, book-themed gift round-ups seem to have taken over the internet, lately! To get some quick ideas that any bibliophile will love (including yourself) --- or for pure entertainment --- check them out, here!

Buzzfeed: 20 Thoughtful Gifts for the Bookworm in Your Life - While it's out of most of our price ranges, this custom-made collage --- which features the receiver's favorite books in the shape of their fingerprint --- is pretty amazing. A more affordable gift is this THE GIVING TREE-themed laptop decal. It will definitely make you stand out at the cafe.

The Huffington Post: Gifts for Bookworms: 10 Clever Ideas for Readers and Writers - Huff Post shares everything from Scrabble magnets to t-shirts, but it was (yet again) a laptop accessory that stuck out to me. A laptop case that looks like a typewriter? Somewhat ironic, but definitely great for pals who love writing and all things vintage.

Etsy: Gifts for Bookworms - This is less of a list, and more of a giant group (read: 1,076 at the time of writing) of amazing, homemade, book-themed items. Where to begin?! I think this Book Nerd tote is both useful and shows off your literary pride, while these book-themed temporary tattoos might be the best thing ever invented. Who wouldn't want a Robert Frost quote or an image of Peter Pan and the Darling children in flight on their arm? Gadgets (and an App) for Digital Bookworms and Writers - While not quite as "endearing" as some of the other roundups, we're sure that some of you (and your family members and friends) are indeed "digital bookworms." This list is perfect for the literary-techie hybrids on your list.

HELLO GIGGLES: Gifts for Your Bookworm Bestie - The website famously started by Zooey Deschanel (among others) doesn't just know how to make us laugh --- they have a good eye for bookish trends, too. I especially love the candle collection which matches authors with scents. Jane Austen is Gardenia, Tuberose and Jasmine, while Mark Twain is Tobacco Flower and Vanilla. Who knew!



Now in Stores: CY IN CHAINS by David L. Dudley

CY IN CHAINS by David L. Dudley (Historical Fiction, Young Adult 14+)

Cy Williams, 13, has always known that he and the other black folks on Strong's plantation have to obey white men, no question, even though he's free. Almost four years later, Cy yearns for that freedom, such as it was. Now he's a chain gang laborer, forced to do backbreaking work, penned in and shackled like an animal, brutalized, beaten and humiliated by the boss of the camp and his hired overseers. Cy is sure that a chance at freedom is worth any risk, any sacrifice.

Click here to learn more about the book

Click here to read the review



December's Cool & New Books Roundup

Our December roundup includes ASHES TO ASHES by Melissa Walker, which follows a young ghost named Callie who uncovers a dark secret about the spirit world; SNAKEROOT by Andrea Cremer, the second book in the bestselling Nightshade series where Bosque Mar tries to turn Adne to the dark side and Logan attempts to reclaim his birthright; and THESE BROKEN STARS by Arnie Kaufman and Megan Spooner, which follows two teens who depend on each other to survive when their luxury spaceliner plummets to the nearest planet.

Among the paperbacks released this month we have National Book Award nominee NEVER FALL DOWN: A Novel by Patricia McCormick, a book based on the true story of Arn Chorn-Pond, whose life changed when soldiers marched into his Cambodian town as a child; PERFECT by Ellen Hopkins, a companion to the bestselling IMPULSE that follows four high school seniors on their varied roads to perfection; and LOVE AND OTHER PERISHABLE ITEMS by Laura Buzo, where 15-year-old Amelia Hayes develops a bond with her 21-year-old coworker at the supermarket.



January-June 2014 Teen Board...Next Steps are Coming Soon!

Thank you to all of you who applied to be on the January-June 2014 Teen Board! We have lots of fun things in store, and can't wait to get started.

We know we told you we'd be in touch with next steps on December 16, but...that didn't happen. I guess holiday madness (for better or worse) is affecting us, too! We greatly apologize, but keep an ear out...we will DEFINITELY get in touch in the next week or two with next steps.

If you're interested in last semester's teen board, click here to learn more about them. If you click on members' individual names, you'll see their full contributor profiles.


Click here to apply to be on the January-June 2014 Teen Board!

Journey through Middle Earth with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug
It has been far too long since we've had any hobbits, wizards or dwarfs in our lives! Luckily, you can travel back to Middle Earth with The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, the second installment of The Hobbit trilogy. This time, Bilbo, Gandalf and a host of other creatures journey across the continent to restore surly leader Thorin Oakenshield to his throne, and Legolas joins the group to help fight an epic battle.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Cast: Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman, Richard Armitage, Benedict Cumberbatch, Orlando Bloom, Evangeline Lilly, Lee Pace, Luke Evans, Stephen Fry
Director: Peter Jackson
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Release Date: December 13th (wide)
Based On: THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug continues the adventure of the title character Bilbo Baggins as he journeys with the Wizard Gandalf and 13 Dwarves, led by Thorin Oakenshield, on an epic quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain and the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor.

Having survived the beginning of their unexpected journey, the Company continues East, encountering along the way the skin-changer Beorn and a swarm of giant Spiders in the treacherous forest of Mirkwood. After escaping capture by the dangerous Wood-elves, the Dwarves journey to Lake-town, and finally to the Lonely Mountain itself, where they must face the greatest danger of all --- a creature more terrifying than any other; one which will test not only the depth of their courage but the limits of their friendship and the wisdom of the journey itself --- the Dragon Smaug.
Click here to visit our December Books on Screen.

He Said/She Said: Cover Survey for THE WELL'S END and WHEN I WAS FAMOUS Results!

Stereotypically, girl books are pink, have a girl on the cover and are FILLED with sickeningly sweet romance. Boy books, on the other hand, are darker, have blood dripping or something more creepy on the cover and there are NO girls to be found. But we all know this isn't true, right? There are books that boys AND girls love!!!'s “He Said/She Said” feature aims to highlight a book each month to discuss its guy and girl appeal. Each month, there will first be a cover survey to ask YOU what you think of the cover. After that, we'll reveal the results of the poll along with the reader responses from a Teen Board boy and a Teen Board girl --- but they never saw the cover, title or author's name!

In this newsletter, we have TWO pieces of "He Said/She Said" news for you.

First, we have the results of last month's "He Said/She Said," when we asked you if you thought that WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST by Jason Reynolds looked like a boy book, a girl book or both based on its cover. Out of all of you who answered, a majority 60% said the book looks like it's a book for boys AND girls, 23% of you said it looked like a boy book and 17% said it looked like a girl book. Now, read what Patrick and Pranshu thought about reading the book --- without seeing the title, author's name or cover! Click here for their feedback.

Second, We have the December/January "He Said/She Said" all ready to go! Do you think THE WELL'S END by Seth Fishman looks like a boy book, a girl book or both based on its cover? Click here to take the survey!


New Reviews!

We just posted some of these reviews on our site. Check them out!

It’s starting to look as if Hildy's never going to have a third date, or be kissed, or know a boy who is more than just a friend. Then, on an ordinary day, she meets Connor of the melt-that-ice-cap smile --- and a summer that was going to be ordinary as toast turns into Hildy’s summer of love. But love for Hildy is not so much girl-meets-boy-and loses-her-heart as boy-meets-girl-and-loses-his-mind.

ENGINES OF THE BROKEN WORLD by Jason Vanhee (Paranormal)
Merciful Truth and her brother, Gospel, have just pulled their dead mother into the kitchen. They wanted to bury her, but they won’t be able to dig into the frozen ground. The Minister, who preaches through his animal form, doesn’t make them feel any better. Merciful calms her guilty feelings until she hears a voice. It’s her mother’s voice, and it’s singing a lullaby.

THE KINGDOM OF LITTLE WOUNDS by Susann Cokaly (Historical Fantasy)
On the eve of Princess Sophia’s wedding, the Scandinavian city of Skyggehavn prepares to fete the occasion with a sumptuous display of riches. Yet beneath the veneer of celebration, a shiver of darkness creeps through the palace halls. A mysterious illness plagues the royal family, threatening the lives of the throne’s heirs, and a courtier’s wolfish hunger for the king’s favors sets a devious plot in motion.

PALACE OF SPIES by Sarah Zettel (Historical Fiction)
Peggy is an orphan coerced into posing as a lady in waiting at the palace of King George I. Life is grand until Peggy starts to suspect that the girl she's impersonating might have been murdered. Unless Peggy can discover the truth, she might be doomed to the same fate. But in a court of shadows, anyone could be a spy --- perhaps even the handsome artist with whom Peggy is falling in love.

UNCRASHABLE DAKOTA by Andy Marino (Adventure)
In 1862, infantryman Samuel Dakota changed history when he found the biochemical secret of flight. Now the Dakota flagship embarks on its maiden flight. But the airship is hijacked. Hollis, the heir of the Dakota empire, is plunged into the midst of a family feud. Maybe Samuel’s final secret wasn’t just the tinkering of a madman after all...

THESE BROKEN STARS by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner (Science Fiction)
It's a night like any other on board the Icarus. Then, catastrophe strikes: the massive luxury spaceliner is yanked out of hyperspace and plummets into the nearest planet. Lilac LaRoux and Tarver Merendsen survive. And they seem to be alone.

FOUL TROUBLE by John Feinstein (Young Adult 12+)
Terrell Jamerson is the #1 high school basketball player in the country. He's got top colleges lined up to offer him scholarships. Press coverage at every game. Everyone says he could play in the NBA tomorrow. He's living the dream, right? Danny Wilcox would tell you a different story. Danny is Terrell's best friend and teammate, and a top prospect himself. But he sees that not all of the people buzzing around Terrell have his best interests at heart. It's a dirty game, but Terrell will have to learn to play if he wants his chance at a slam dunk...

CURTSIES & CONSPIRACIES: Fininshing School, Book Two by Gail Carriger (Young Adult 12+)
Sophronia's first year at Mademoiselle Geraldine's Finishing Academy for Young Ladies of Quality has certainly been rousing! For one thing, finishing school is training her to be a spy. A conspiracy is afoot --- one with dire implications for both supernaturals and humans. Sophronia must rely on her training to discover who is behind the dangerous plot-and survive the London Season with a full dance card.

THE NATURALS by Jennifer Lynn Barnes (Thriller)
Seventeen-year-old Cassie is a natural at reading people, but it's not a skill that she's ever taken seriously until the FBI come knocking: they need Cassie. What Cassie doesn't realize is that there's more at risk than a few unsolved homicides --- especially when she's sent to live with a group of teens whose gifts are as unusual as her own.

TWINMAKER by Sean Williams (Science Fiction)
When a coded note promises improvement—the chance to change your body any way you want, making it stronger, taller, more beautiful—Clair thinks it's too good to be true, but her best friend, Libby, falls into a deadly trap. Action and danger fuel this near-future tale of technology, identity, and the lengths one girl will go to save her best friend.

THE LIVING by Matt de la Pena (Young Adult 12+)
Shy took the summer job to make some money. In a few months on a luxury cruise liner, he'll rake in the tips and be able to help his mom and sister out with the bills. But everything changes when the Big One hits. Shy's only weeks out at sea when an earthquake more massive than ever before recorded hits California, and his life is forever changed.

SON OF FORTUNE by Victoria McKernan (Historical Fiction)
Fleeing Seattle after a vicious encounter that left his opponent dead, Aiden earns passage to San Francisco by caring for polar bears bound for a zoo. Aiden then lands a job as a tutor, but adventure is always right around the corner. With a ship won in a card game, he is soon heading to an island off the coast of Peru, from where guano is exported to the U.S. as highly prized fertilizer. But as each day goes by, Aiden’s horror increases as he learns more about the Chinese laborers and the appalling mining conditions on the island.

WHAT WE LOST IN THE DARK by Jacquelyn Mitchard (Thriller)
Allie knows why Juliet killed herself: to escape the clutches of Garrett Tabor, whom the trio saw committing an unspeakable crime. When Rob introduces Allie to the wildly dangerous sport of nighttime deep diving, Allie assumes he’s only trying to derail her investigation... until they uncover the horror terrible secret Garrett Tabor has hidden under Lake Superior.

TANDEM by Anna Jarzab (Science Fiction)
Sixteen-year-old Sasha Lawson has only ever known one small, ordinary life. When she was young, she loved her grandfather's stories of parallel worlds, inhabited by girls who looked like her but led totally different lives. Sasha never believed such worlds were real --- until now, when she finds herself thrust into one against her will.

ASHES TO ASHES by Melissa Walker (Fiction)
When Callie's life is cut short by a tragic accident in her hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, her spirit travels to another dimension called the Prism. Here she meets a striking and mysterious ghost named Thatcher, who guides her as she learns how to bring peace to those she left behind. But Callie soon uncovers a dark secret about the spirit world.

ROOMIES by Sara Zarr and Tara Altebrando (Young Adult 12+)
When East Coast native Elizabeth receives her freshman-year roommate assignment, she shoots off an e-mail to coordinate the basics: television, microwave, mini-fridge. That first note to San Franciscan Lauren sparks a series of e-mails that alters the landscape of each girl's summer -- and raises questions about how two girls who are so different will ever share a dorm room.

THE PROMISE OF AMAZING by Robin Constantine (Romance)
One fateful night, Wren and Grayson's paths cross at Wren's family's Arthurian-themed catering hall. What follows is the complicated, awkward, hilarious and tender tale of two teens shedding their pasts, figuring out who they are --- and falling in love.

This Month's Poll

2013 is almost over! If you were to compare your year to a book, what would it be?

  • ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell: A new friendship or relationship made a big impact in 2013
  • BOXERS & SAINTS by Gene Luen Yang: 2013 was full of conflicting opinions and ideas…not everything is black and white!
  • ALLEGIANT by Veronica Roth: 2013 was dark and dismal…thank goodness 2014 is just around the corner
  • WINGER by Andrew Smith: Even if you're not a rugby player, 2013 wouldn't have been the same without your favorite extracurricular activity
  • JUST ONE DAY by Gayle Forman: 2013 was bursting with new self-discoveries --- there’s more to you than everyone (including yourself) thought!
  • SECOND IMPACT by David Klass and Perri Klass: In 2013, you stood up for something you believed in, no matter what the cost
  • THE THING ABOUT LUCK by Cynthia Kadohota: 2013 was all about family, for better or for worse
  • OUT OF MY MIND by Sharon Draper: You spent a lot of time feeling like an outsider in 2013

To take our poll, click here!

And for the results of last month's poll, click here! It seems like most of voters had read CATCHINNG FIRE (83%)and 85% wanted to see movie, although the other movies books/movie adaptions (THE BOOK THIEF, ENDER'S GAME, THE HOBBIT and HOW I LIVE NOW) got plenty of love, too.



From the Teenreads Blog

We've recently run a couple of blog posts on --- check them out!

Heather Terrell has certainly established herself as an author --- she's written several historical novels for adutls, the young adult novels ETERNITY and FALLEN ANGEL, and RELIC, the first book in her new YA series The Books of Eva, came out this fall. But she didn't always know she wanted to be a writer ---she actually wanted to be an archaeologist since her early days watching Indiana Jones! In Heather's post, she tells us how she went from digging ancient dirt in far-off lands to weaving enchanting tales for all ages...and how the two careers are more similar than you might think! Read the post, here!

Our Teen Board member Mary M. wrote some great suggestions to ensure a very bookish holiday. Read the post, here!

And then I wrote a quick post on my favorite moments of last month's ALAN conference. Read the post, here!

Click here to read our blog!

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