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Why'd They Wear That? Special Feature and Contest

Feature and Contest

Why'd They Wear That? Special Feature and Contest

Written by Sarah Albee with a forward by Tim Gunn.
This winter, sashay down the runway with best-selling author Sarah Albee and National Geographic in WHY’D THEY WEAR THAT?: Fashion as the Mirror of History. From the invention of needles made from woolly mammoth tusks in 10,000 B.C., to the evolution of armor from chain mail to modern-day bulletproof vests to the controversy surrounding contemporary outsourcing, Albee looks at history through the lens of fashion as a way to engage teen readers.
Each chapter focuses on a major period of world history, from the Neolithic era to the present day, and explores the evolution of fashion as a reflection of the politics, class hierarchies, religion and economics of the time. This highly visual collection is full of colorful sidebars that answer questions that are not usually addressed in the classroom: How did people keep their clothes on before zippers or buttons were invented? How did soldiers go to the bathroom when wearing their heavy armor? Pictures, paintings and artifacts further illustrate the concepts discussed in each chapter, while funny anecdotes and a focus on cultures of interest, such as the Vikings.
Snappy headlines, a stylish layout and a foreword by “Project Runway” fan favorite Tim Gunn make this extensive and entertaining guide perfect for both in-depth study and casual browsing. WHY’D THEY WEAR THAT? is ideal for fashionistas, theater aficionados and history buffs of all ages.

Why'd They Wear That?: Fashion as the Mirror of History
Written by Sarah Albee with a forward by Tim Gunn.


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