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Juliette G.


Juliette G.

Teen Board Member

Boca Raton, Florida

I'm 16 years old and a junior in high school. I write for my school's newspaper, The Bagpiper. Going to the beach, playing tennis, hanging out with my friends, reading and writing are some of my favorite activities. This is my second year as a member of the Teen Board, and I'm excited to share my opinions on young adult books.

Top Five Favorite Books:
2. GREAT EXPECTATIONS by Charles Dickens
3. MY LIFE NEXT DOOR by Huntley Fitzpatrick
4. DID I MENTION I LOVE YOU? by Estelle Maskame
5. THE INTERN by Gabrielle Tozer

Juliette G.

Reviews by Juliette G.

by Tara Brown - Fiction, Friendship, Humor, Love & Romance, Young Adult 17+

For the young, rich and beautiful, summertime in the Hamptons means one thing: Fling Club. Only this time, Cherry Kennedy won’t be selecting a boy for a fleeting romance. Nope, this season, Cherry is out for revenge. Her target? The Fling Club founder and society darling who slept with Cherry’s now-very-ex-boyfriend. All Cherry needs is the perfect guy for her plan...and Ashley Jardine can’t afford to refuse. He scored almost a full ride to MIT. But that almost still costs a lot. Here, rich girls rule the shore, and everyone has a role to play. 

by Tiffany Brownlee - Contemporary Fiction, Family, Fiction, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

Emma's life takes a turn when she falls in love for the first time with someone off-limits: her new foster brother, the tormented Dylan. Meanwhile, Emma’s AP English class is reading WUTHERING HEIGHTS, and she’s been assigned to echo Bronte’s style in an epistolary format. Distraught by the escalating intensity of their mutual attraction, Emma and Dylan try to constrain their romance to the page --- for fear of threatening Dylan’s chances at being adopted. But the strength of first love is all-consuming, and they soon get enveloped in a passionate relationship with a very uncertain outcome.

by Tom Ellen and Lucy Ivison - Comedy, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Relationships, Romance, Sex, Young Adult 14+

Phoebe can't wait to get to college. She'll be totally different: cooler, prettier, smarter...the perfect potential girlfriend, which is good because the only person from her high school also going to York is her crush, Luke. As soon as Luke arrives on campus, he finds himself dumping his long-term long-distance girlfriend. But just when things start looking up, drama looms on the horizon. Rumors swirl about a secret text chain run by Luke's soccer team, filled with compromising photos of girls. As the women on campus determine to expose the team and shut down the account, Luke and Phoebe find themselves grappling with confusing feelings and wondering how they'll ever make it through freshman year.

by Paula Garner - Contemporary Fiction, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

Jules never knew her father, and her ex-addict mother has always seemed more interested in artistic endeavors than in bonding. Then a simple quest to find a baby picture leads to an earth-shattering discovery: for the first two years of her life, Jules lived in foster care. Reeling from feelings of betrayal, Jules sets out to learn the truth about her past. What she finds is a wonderful family who loved her as their own --- including a now-adult foster brother. As her feelings for him spiral into a catastrophic crush, Jules finds herself on the brink of losing everything.

by Kiley Roache - Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Young Adult 15+

With one shot at a scholarship to the school of her dreams, Cassie pitches an unusual research project --- to pledge Delta Tau Chi, a frat house on the verge of being banned from school for their offensive behavior, take on the boys’ club and provide proof of their misogynistic behavior. It’s different, but it’s not against the rules, and she’s pretty sure she knows exactly what to expect once she gets there. But Cassie soon realizes things aren’t as simple as they appeared. With her academic future on the line, and her heart all tangled in a web of her own making, Cassie will ultimately have to define for herself what the F-word is all about.

by Julia Day - Contemporary Fiction, Family, Family Life, Fiction, Romance, Young Adult 13+

Brooke has always longed for a sibling, so she’s excited about spending more time with her stepsister when she moves in. Natalie has Asperger’s- --- and Brooke's not sure how to be the big sister that Natalie needs. After Natalie joins a musical theater program, Brooke sacrifices her job to volunteer for the backstage crew. Especially sweet is the chance to work closely with charming and fascinating Micah --- the production’s stage manager. When her summer comes to an end, will Brooke finally have the family she so desperately wants --- and the love she's only dreamed about?

by Alyssa B. Sheinmel - Fiction, Friendship, Mental Health, Young Adult 14+

When Eliza Hart, the most popular girl at Ventana Ranch boarding school, is found dead, Ellie Sokoloff is determined to figure out what happened to her. After all, Eliza was Ellie's childhood best friend. Never mind that ever since Ellie arrived at school Eliza has spread terrible rumors about her, calling her a liar and a stalker, when all Ellie wanted to do was rekindle their old friendship. Or that Ellie's claustrophobia limits where she can go and what she can do. Or that Ellie's suitemate, Sam, is the only one who will help her...because to everyone else, Ellie looks like the top suspect.

by Sarah White - Dating, Fiction, Romance, Sex

The only thing worse than having your boyfriend dump you is having him dump you for your best friend. For Everly Morgan the betrayal came out of nowhere. One moment she had what seemed like the perfect high school relationship, and the next, she wanted to avoid the two most important people in her life. Every time she sees them kiss in the hallways her heart breaks a little more. The last thing on Everly’s mind is getting into another relationship, but when she meets Gabe in her therapist’s waiting room she can’t deny their immediate connection.

by Susane Colasanti - Coming of Age, Contemporary Fiction, Fiction, Friendship, Relationships, Romance, Social Issues, Young Adult 12+

Sadie is trying to find the strength to confront a past family trauma and forgive the boy who broke her heart. Darcy needs to figure out how to make it on her own for the first time and finally accept the love she deserves. Rosanna's boyfriend might still be in love with his ex…and she can recognize the abuse of her past reflected in a girl who needs her help. As the summer comes to an end, will they learn to love themselves and support one another with a bond of sisterhood that will never be broken?

by Vivi Greene - Contemporary Fiction, Dating, Family Life, Young Adult 14+

Multiplatinum pop icon Lily Ross is escaping her high-profile, crazy life and heading to the beach with her best friends. She has three months to focus on herself, her music, her new album --- anything but guys. That is...until Lily meets sweet and charming Noel Bradley, who is so different from anyone she’s ever dated. Suddenly Lily’s “summer of me” takes an unexpected turn, and she finds herself falling deeper and harder than ever before.