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On April 1, 2017, teens and YA booklovers flocked to sunny Houston, Texas, to attend the eighth annual TeenBookCon. Established to celebrate and promote reading by connecting teens with authors, TeenBookCon caters to its teen readers first and foremost, giving them first priority in both seating and Q&A sessions --- and did we mention it's free? This year, TeenBookCon featured authors Laini Taylor, Jeff Giles, Angie Thomas and many more, and reviewer Anushka Giri was on the scene to report back for us. As a 20something (who considers herself a teen at heart!) Anushka was dazzled by the convention's set-up, headliners and attendees. Read below for a breakdown of her experience at TeenBookCon including which authors she loved the most, the panel that she will remember forever and the books she'll be reading next.
New from bestselling author Barry Lyga comes BANG, a heartbreaking novel about living with your worst mistake.'s own Rebecca Munro had an early read of this utterly riveting book and read it in one sitting on the floor of New York Comic Con --- it's that good. You can learn more about the book in this post, where we've compiled a plot summary, excerpt and some preorder links if you simply cannot wait to secure your own copy of this incredible book.
March 27, 2017

Authors Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs Are Expecting

Posted by Dana C
Authors Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs are expecting a new release in 7.5 months. This new release is very special. They are expecting their first child! We can't be more excited for them.    Congratulations Tahereh and Ransom! 
Last week in New York City we had a snow day, which was the perfect opportunity to catch up on some much needed reading. As an intern at Teenreads, I like to make sure that I'm on top of all new YA releases, but it can be difficult to keep up between school and interning, which is why I was so excited about the winter storm. With my classes canceled and Teenreads closed for the day, I created a #blizzard2017 TBR and eagerly read my way through it while drinking a steaming cup of coffee and snacking on some Girl Scout Cookies.
One of the best parts of being a reader is living through tons of different characters without ever leaving your seat. You might not be a princess on the run or a teen selected to fight for your district, but as long as you can find some common emotional ground with a character, you can embody thousands of different roles and perspectives. So how do authors make these wildly unusual characters so darn relatable while keeping their stories fresh and interesting? In this post, Casey Griffin, author of SECRETS OF A RELUCTANT PRINCESS, explains how to find the perfect balance to make strong, independent heroines relatable to a variety of readers.
One of the best parts of being an avid reader is getting to visit tons of different worlds and eras without ever leaving your seat. London in the 1970s? Groovy, baby! Colonial America? Why yes, good sir! Modern-day Italy? Buongiorno! When you read as much as us, you can definitely tell when an author has done his or her research --- the details are crisper and clearer and every description jumps off the page. So how do they do it? In this post, author Diana Rodriguez Wallach shares how she went abroad to beautiful Italy to do some on-site research for PROOF OF LIES, an action-packed thriller with twists, turns and international intrigue. Read on to find out how she (and her travel companion husband) scoured Italy from the ground up to find all of the necessary details for her book.
We always love hearing about an author's inpiration behind a novel. It can be small spark of an idea, but it is able to grow into a story. Stephanie Elliot, author of SAD PERFECT, is here to share her story about how her novel came to be. The title SAD PERFECT was  the first part of the book that came to her, the small spark that ignited into her novel. Inspired by Stephanie's daughter, who has an eating disorder, SAD PERFECT follows Pea who too has an eating disorder and when she meets a boy realizes she can't pretend that everything is okay.
If you're anything like us at Teenreads, you would rather have your head stuck in a novel than in a math textbook. But Erika Lewis, author of GAME OF SHADOWS, came to writing a different way. GAME OF SHADOWS, Lewis's debut, follows Ethan Makkai, who lives in L.A. and can see ghosts. When his overprotective mother is kidnapped, it is up to Ethan to save her --- but he gets more than he bargains for when he learns about a mythological land and his connection to it. Erika Lewis always loved to write, but was not always the biggest reader. In this post, Erika shares her journey from being a math major in college to a published author. For Erika, math is a lot more similar to writing than you might think. 
If you're anything like us at Teenreads, we will do anything possible to hear every detail of a favorite character's backstory. Does Harry Potter prefer chocolate ice cream, or vanilla? Would Celaena Sardothien wear a dress or a totally killer suit to the prom? In this post, author Brenda Drake gives us the lowdown on Nick D'Marco, the carefree yet protective best friend of the main character of her Library Jumpers series. Although the main characters Gia and Arik may take the center stage of THIEF OF LIES and GUARDIAN OF SECRETS, you'll be eager to see more Nick after reading this post.
Here at Teenreads, we know that many of our readers are aspiring authors themselves. If you're one of them, you may keep a list of ideas and characters somewhere, or perhaps you've even begun drafting your first book. Believe it or not, writing your book is only half of the journey to publication. After you've sold your book to a publisher --- and even a little before --- you must deal with the editing stage. In this post, Erica Cameron, author of ISLAND OF EXILES, explains what she loves about editing, and how she was able to strengthen and improve her richly detailed fantasy so that it could become the book it is today.