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Held in historic Morristown, New Jersey, the Morristown Festival of Books draws readers --- and authors --- of all different areas, interests and genres. Now four years old, the Festival has grown to include major authors and is one of Morristown’s biggest events all year. After finding out that’s very own Rebecca Munro was moderating a YA panel, I knew I had to go. Actually (and, probably, shamefully) this was my first teen book event, so it was even more exciting.
Every labor day weekend I have the wonderful opportunity to attend the largest independent book festival in the nation! Every year I get to meet and hear from a bunch of fabulous YA authors! The AJC Decatur Book Festival takes place in Decatur, Georgia, and showcases authors from almost any genre as well as art, music and so much more. This year was one of the most memorable festivals I have ever attended!
Teenreads kicked off October in one of the best ways imaginable: heading to New York Comic Con, a celebration of all things bookish, nerdy and just plain awesome. Between editorial coordinator Rebecca Munro, intern Dana, reviewers Katherine and Matthew, and reader Brian, we had a full team covering the panels, showroom floor and the whole atmosphere of the weekend. Read below for a quick overview of everyone's NYCC experience and come back soon for more in-depth coverage of the panels we all attended.  
There's nothing Teenreads loves more than a great book event featuring amazing authors discussing life-changing books. With our expanded Teen Board, we are able to cover more of these events than ever before. At the beginning of September, one of our new Teen Board members, Alice D., had the incredible experience of seeing both the legendary Leigh Barudgo and the kick-butt Daniel Jose Older at the same time. Read below to hear more about this dynamic duo.
Music takes a moment and makes it a memory. It's a universal language that can capture love, heartbreak, loss, soul searching and wing spreading-all in the span of a few notes. In BEHIND THE SONG, fourteen acclaimed young adult authors and musicians share short stories and personal essays inspired by the songs, the albums, the musicians who move them. Music can change one’s life. Here are some of the contributors to the new YA, music-focused anthology, BEHIND THE SONG, sharing the songs that changed their lives.
With summer wrapping up, we know that many of our Teenreaders are heading to their next adventure: college. There are lots of young adult books that deal with the stressors of applying for college and wondering what the next four years of your life will be like, but what about that long summer between high school and college? According to author Eric Walters, there is no time as full of possibility and potential as the 90 days (give or take) between one period of your life and the next. In his newest book, 90 DAYS OF DIFFERENT, Eric explores this concept through Sophie Evans, a girl who is dedicating her summer to doing one new thing each day in an attempt to become less predictable. In this blog post, Eric explains what he finds so magical about this time in a teen's life and how you can make the most of it.
In case you don't know, there's a new trend sweeping the booklover community: book subscription boxes. Typically delivered monthly, these subscription boxes usually include a new release and several accessories, snacks and/or clothing items that relate to it. While some are curated by the authors themselves, others, such as OwlCrate aand Litjoy Crate, are curated by booklovers like us! In this post, Teen Board Member Shannon C. tells us more about a one-time box she received from Litjoy Crate. Read on to hear all about the bookish goodies she recieved.
South Florida local Julie Shepard is the author of the newly debuted young adult novel ROSIE GIRL. ROSIE GIRL was one of my favorite books of the year, so I was beyond excited to have the privilege of attending her book launch on July 15th to celebrate the release of her first novel. Read on to learn all about Julie, ROSIE GIRL and the fantastic event.
Getting to book signings in the suburbs of Atlanta where I live is harder than you would think. Let’s just say they typically consist of me annoying my parents to drive me one hour each way into downtown Atlanta for a one-hour signing. Occasionally my city’s independent bookstore, The Foxtale Book Shoppe, hosts events for YA authors that I must attend, and luckily, this store is only ten minutes away from me. I always make sure to take advantage of every convenient signing opportunity that I have. Naturally, I was super excited to find out that they were hosting an event for authors Mackenzi Lee and Becky Albertalli. Read on to learn all about the event.
One of our most highly-anticipated releases this summer is BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME: 13 Tales of Villainy, a collection of short stories edited by Ameriie. In these 13 short stories written by 13 amazing young adult authors, readers get to see the villain's side of every story --- for better or for worse. At the end of each story, 13 BookTubers break down the themes, character arcs and motifs that make each one deliciously devious. In this post, Teen Board Member Reanna H., who reviewed BECAUSE YOU LOVE TO HATE ME, shares the playlist she created of songs to accompany each story.