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High school is one of the most colorful, complicated and complex times in a person's life. School and homework can be hard enough, but when you add in gossip, bullying and maintaining friendships, things can get very tricky. One of the biggest issues that teens experience in high school is labeling --- both of yourself and others. In TIME BOMB, author Joelle Charbonneau explores these powerful and sometimes dangerous labels through a school tragedy. In this post, Charbonneau explains why she found the topic of labels so interesting and how she uses it in her book.
If you ask us, music and reading go hand-in-hand. Whether we're creating playlists for our favorite books, characters and ships or keeping some light tunes on in the background while we read, there's no doubt that the music and books are great together. Have you ever wondered what inspires an author to include certain song references in their stories? In THE MIDNIGHTS, by Sarah Nicole Smetana, a rock-loving teen uses music to reinvent herself after tragedy. Smetana is here on our blog today to share her main character Susannah Hayes's top 10 favorite classic rock songs --- read on to find out which ones she picked!
Do you think you'd have the courage to remix an American classic? That's exactly what author Lorie Langdon does with OLIVIA TWIST, her retelling of OLIVER TWIST, which gender-swaps the main character and creates a whole new story. Through hard work and lots of creativity, she pens the story of Olivia Twist, a tough heroine born in a workhouse and raised among boys until she's plucked from the streets of London. How exactly did Langdon go about retelling this classic? Read this post to find out!
February 22, 2018

Catch Mackenzi Lee on Tour for BYGONE BADASS BROADS!

Posted by Rebecca M
You may know author Mackenzi Lee for her explosive hit, THE GENTLEMAN'S GUIDE TO VICE AND VIRTUE, but did you also know that she runs a viral Twitter series based on forgotten female trailblazers? In BYGONE BADASS BROADS, Mackenzi shares the stories of 52 of history's most heroic, cunning and kickbutt women. Mackenzi will be going on tour for the book and you can see the dates and locations below!
Have you ever struggled with writing about your own life in one of your stories? Have no fear, because Kimberly Reid, author of #PRETTYBOY MUST DIE, a hot new spy thriller, has a lot of helpful tips and tricks for writing yourself into a story successfully and as tastefully as you can. With advice spanning from telling it straight to fictionalizing the truth, she shares tons of great information about weaving your own experiences into your next novel --- including some details about how she wrote #PRETTYBOY MUST DIE! Interested in learning more? Read this post!
Ever since the debut of Percy Jackson, mythology has played a huge and ever-growing role in young adult fiction. So how do authors tackle pulling from ancient tales while keeping their stories fresh? Author Rachel A. Marks recently answered this question her book FIRE AND BONE, which is set in Hollywood's magical and dangerous underworld and pulls from Celtic mythology. So how did Marks go about researching the demigods, druids and ancient bonds that appear in her book? Read this post to find out!
February 20, 2018

Watch the Trailer for WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS by Vesper Stamper

Posted by Rebecca M
Perfect for fans of Markus Zusak, John Boyne, Ruta Sepytus and Elizabeth Wein, WHAT THE NIGHT SINGS is a unique, fully illustrated young adult novel that delves into the seldom told story of life after the concentration camps, and one teen’s journey to rebuild her life after being stripped of everything --- her parents, her music, her identity. In this post, we're giving our readers a first look at this stunning debut with the premiere of the book trailer.
February 12, 2018

The 2018 ALA Youth Media Awards

Posted by Rebecca M
Today is one of the biggest days of the year for young adult and children's literature: the announcement of the ALA Youth Media Awards. Each year the American Library Association honors the books, videos and other outstanding works that have released that year for kids and teens and are recognized worldwide for the high quality they represent. We've compiled all of the young adult awards announcements here, so read on to see which of your favorites made the cut and click here to see the children's awards announcements!
Quick, what's a booklover's favorite place? If you guessed the library, you're right! With free books, cozy reading spots and pages upon pages of adventure, love and thrills, what could be better? In Brenda Drake's Library Jumpers series, teenage Gia and her friends uncover a magical book that allows her and her friends to travel between different libraries --- all while battling an evil wizard and her feelings for Arik, a fellow jumper. In this post, Drake shares some of her favorite libraries with us!
As my time in high school comes to a close, I have been looking back on these four years and thinking about what I have done and where I am going. Something that stands out is the lack of connection between the high school life I read about in books and the reality of high school. There are so many things in high school that are not truthfully represented in books.