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Suzanne Collins

Last night, as any good little Tribute may know, Suzanne Collins kicked off the release of MOCKINGJAY at Books of Wonder in New York City. The event was chock full of entertainment for the masses, complete with face-painting and juggling, and BOOKS! There was even a girl wearing a very special dress. (Not me!) Guesses, anyone?  Here's a hint: It was white, in a bridal sort of way, with lovely black feathers and some orange-reddish ones that made it look like flames. 
Thank you everyone who entered our MOCKINGJAY Unofficial Video Contest! There was at least one point in each and every entry, where one of us Teenreads staffers bolted upright and said, "They should win!" Alas, we had to choose, and boy was it difficult! It was a regular District 13 revolt over here.  When the fighting had subdued, we reached our decisions. [Insert MovieGuy voice-over.] The Grand Prize Winner is....NUMBER 5!!! 
There's just one more week until MOCKINGJAY, the final book in Suzanne Collins's bestselling series The Hunger Games is released, and things are approaching full-on fever pitch. It seems everyone is celebrating, and the list of ways to win Hunger Games related paraphernalia --- or just join in the virtual festivities --- is practically endless.
Anyone else crazy excited about the release of MOCKINGJAY?  In case you needed a little something more to whet your appetite for this anxiously awaited third installment in Suzanne Collins's smash hit series The Hunger Games, check out the book trailer below, and visit Scholastic's newly launched Hunger Games Facebook Page, where you'll find plenty of news, trivia, videos, activities, excerpts, photo galleries and more.
Anxious for an update on The Hunger Games? After months of patiently waiting, we finally have some exciting news to share! Though we're still in the dark about what we can expect from Katniss & co.'s latest adventure, Scholastic news did give us just a tiny taste to whet our appetites by finally unveiling the title and cover of this late-summer release. Suzanne Collins's final installment in her bestselling dystopic trilogy will be called... cue drumroll... MOCKINGJAY, and will hit stores August 24th.
We have some fantastic Hunger Games-related news to share with you today! No, we haven't found out how Katniss and Peeta fare in that mess of a situation they find themselves in at the end of CATCHING FIRE. And no, secrets have not been spilled about who our fiery heroine will end up with. And no, we don't know what really happens to District Twelve. But, we CAN tell you just how much longer you'll have to wait until you can find these answers for yourselves when the third book in the series is released!
In case you hadn't already marked your calendars and begun counting down the days, CATCHING FIRE --- the highly anticipated sequel to last year's bestseller, THE HUNGER GAMES by Suzanne Collins --- hits shelves next week on September 1st! To give you just a little taste of what's in store for Katniss and Peeta in this second installment of the trilogy, you can read the first chapter of the book on Scholastic's website, here.