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Reader Q and A

Answering today's If You Ask Me... Q&A are Kathryn Erskine from Charlottesville, VA and Heidi Zweifel from Stoughton, WI. Check out their responses below, where they reveal which sassy leading ladies they'd each love to switch places with for a day, and talk about some of their favorite reads, which just so happen to be some of ours, too!Kathryn Erskine from Charlottesville, VA
Kicking off our newly renamed If You Ask Me... feature are Jessica B. from Ellaville, GA and her neighbor to the north, Maria from Atlanta. Below, they plan their character-filled birthday parties, present some pretty compelling arguments for why books are ALWAYS better than their big-screen counterparts, and share some poignant quotations from their favorite books.Jessica from Ellaville, GA
Today's Reader Q&A participants are 18-year-old Erica Allen from Sayre, PA and 15-year-old Sarah from Columbus, OH. Read their thoughts below on books by Scott Westerfeld and Lauren Myracle, not to mention favorite Manga characters and book-based movies. Erica Allen from Sayre, PA
We're spotlighting 15-year-old Hannah from Chandler, AZ and Maggie from Dublin, OH on today's edition of the Reader Q&A.
16-year-old Cil from Skokie, IL and 17-year-old Brie Harville from San Diego, CA answered today's Reader Q&A, where they reveal which fictional worlds they'd love to inhabit, name the characters they'd love to rub shoulders with on their birthdays, and share their thoughts on their current favorite series.Cil from Skokie, IL
13-year-old Brigitte from Cheshire, CT and 16-year-old Marissa Labadie from Miami FL join us for today's installment of the Reader Q&A, where they share favorite quotes, list some memorable recent reads, and weigh in on the infamous book-vs.-movie debate. Brigitte from Cheshire, CT
First off, a big THANK YOU to all of you who've participated in our "Rename the 'Reader Q&A' "Contest! Over the last week, we've been compiling all of the fantastic suggestions we received, and after much debate and deliberation, we've narrowed the list down to a handful of our favorites.
March 18, 2010

Reader Q&A: Katrina from Los Angeles, CA

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Today's Reader Q&A comes from 13-year-old Katrina Santillan from Los Angeles, CA. Below, she explains why she's so envious of Hermione Granger, lists her top three favorite tear-jerking novels, and describes why movies can never live up to the books on which they're based.
This morning, we have two for the price of one, as 17-year-old Katie Smith from Cleburne, TX and 15-year-old Janae Haygood of Milwaukee, WI answer today's edition of the Reader Q&A. Read what they have to say about favorite characters, series, and literary-based movies.Katie Smith from Cleburne, TX
March 11, 2010

Reader Q&A: Emily from Bolivar, MO

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Taking part in today's Reader Q&A is eighteen-year-old Emily Cross from Bolivar, MO. Check out her responses below, as she raves about THE PRINCESS BRIDE (both the book and the movie), reveals why she *didn't* like TWILIGHT, and discusses her favorite series by Laurie R. King.