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New York City

Are you in the New York City area and are free to attend a YA lit event on Thursday? Then you're in luck! The 92nd St Y is launching their new YA lit series this Thursday, September 12th at 7:30pm with special guest Samantha Shannon, author of THE BONE SEASON --- and this will be her ONLY New York appearence! Want to go? Email me ( for a chance to win a free ticket! I have two tickets to give away and will decide the winners by Wednesday, September 11th at noon ET. But if you're like me and DESPERATELY WANT TO GO BUT CAN'T (Gahhhh!) then check out the future lit events put on by 92Y. Future guests include Veronica Roth (Divergent series), Christopher Paolini (Inheritance Cycle series), Lois Duncan and more. Click here for more details!
One of the most eventful part in an intern's day is lunch hour. The hour where interns are free to roam the city (if they know where they’re going), sample the cities cuisine (for example, street hotdogs) and do whatever it is their little intern hearts desire (read, most likely). It’s an hour that we have all to ourselves and everyone uses it differently.
What commutes by train and usually has a book (or three) in her bag? --- a intern, of course! Or, more specifically, this intern. Students all over America get internships each summer and luckily, this year I’m one of them! Internships get your feet wet. They provide an inside look into a career that a job description can’t. Plus, they’re kind of fun, too. While I’m finding that my internship is connecting me with great books and authors, it’s also providing me with some new life skills.