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Kate F.

Have you ever felt like other people don’t understand your passion for reading? I know I have! Here are some of the most common problems I come across while reading.
The last novel of a beloved series is always one of the saddest books to read. You begin quickly, zooming through the pages. But as you reach the last page, you slowly realize that this is it. That series is over. Although all final books in the series are “final,” the author always gives you something to think about and explore after you've finished the book.
Back in February, my parents surprised my siblings and me with a trip to meet two authors. Those authors were Victoria Schwab, author of THE ARCHIVED (which I strongly recommend) and Ally Carter, author of The Gallagher Girls and The Heist Society series (which I also recommend.) If you ever have a chance to go meet an author, whether you’ve read one of their novels or not, GO.
Girls only like romance novels about love triangles and love at first sight. Boys only like novels that are fast-paced, action thrillers with tons of violence. Do these stereotypes sound familiar? Are they true? Our Teen Board member, Kate, talks about what she thinks makes a "girly" novel.
Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of young adult books that are based off of classic tales. I love these types of books for so many different reasons, but the biggest reason is that many of the authors who write these books choose to add a dark, sinister twist to these old classics. Not only does this add some excitement to these books, it is also bound to thrill teen readers across the country! Below are examples of some of the books I love…and ones I think you’ll love too!