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If You Ask Me...

This weekend's players in our round of If You Ask Me are:
Join us for another round of If You Ask Me, starring  Morgan and Hailey! 
Yes, it's another giant-sized If You Ask Me! See what these readers have to say about their favorite books, and maybe you'll find your next favorite as well!
Welcome to a Super-sized edition of the “If You Ask Me” Q&A, where our four participants --- Cassidy from Allen, TX; Magnolia from Cairo, NE; Kaylie from Ocean City, NJ; and Caroline from Los Angeles, CA --- hail from all across the country.
Today's "If You Ask Me" Q&A participants, Sarah Busack from Santa Rosa, CA and Jewel from Kingston, ON, cover a wide range of genres in the books they discuss below --- from S. E. Hinton's YA classic THE OUTSIDERS and L.
Today's “If You Ask Me... Q&A" is answered by Deja from Louisville, KY and Hattie DeRaps from Farmington, ME. They discuss their favorite books and series, what questions they’d ask THE BOOK THEIF author Markus Zusak and Twilight creator Stephanie Meyer, and which characters would liven up their next birthday party. Deja from Louisville, KY
Joining us for this week’s “If You Ask Me” Q&A are Maria from Vanetia, PA and Bethany Crocker from Charlotte, NC. These girls cover a range of topics like why Bethany doesn’t quite like the Twilight movie adaptations, why Maria would trade places with Maximum Ride, and what questions they would each ask their favorite authors. Maria from Vanetia, PA
Joining us for this week’s If You Ask Me...
Joining us for today’s If You Ask Me…Q&A are Alma Hulbert from Whitney Point, NY and Katie from Los Angeles, CA. Read their responses below, where they discuss eye-opening reads and favorite books, to swapping shoes with immortals and whether or not film adaptations can ever surpass the originals. Alma Hulbert from Whitney Point, NY
Joining us for today's If You Ask Me... Q&A are Jessica from Edmonton, AB and 19-year-old Ashley King from Lexington, KY.  Read their answers below as they discuss everything from classics like PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and ANNE OF GREEN GABLES to current hits like The Hunger Games and Sarah Dessen's ALONG FOR THE RIDE.