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Check out the first two videos of's five-part Mega-Size, Supertastic, Awesome Interview with Lauren Kate. The first three interviews are all about the writing of FALLEN and TORMENT, and writing in general, while the last two are about the books, the characters, and other interesting odds and ends (like what the series might bring in the future)... Enjoy!   GAH, everytime I see these covers I get the shivers. Sooo good, amiright?                        
January 20, 2010

Lauren Kate: Learning to Lie

Posted by webmaster
Today's guest blogger is Lauren Kate, author of THE BETRAYAL OF NATALIE HARGROVE and the newly released FALLEN. Below, she explains why "lying" isn't necessarily such a bad thing, especially for readers and writers of fiction.
Lauren Kate's most recent novel, FALLEN, is the first book in a new fantasy romance series that follows star-crossed lovers Luce --- a seventeen-year-old reform school student with a mysterious past --- and Daniel, an enigmatic and standoffish badboy with even bigger secrets. Lauren will be joining us in a few weeks with a guest blog, but in the meantime, we wanted to share this author Q&A, as well as FALLEN'S chilling book trailer, with all of you. Be sure to let us know what you think!