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This week (September 22-28th) is Banned Books Week in the US! For those of you wondering what Banned Books Week is, it’s a week to celebrate the freedom to read. This week was created because of the multitude of book banning in children’s, young adult, and adult novels. Yes, this week was launched in the 1980s, but don’t let the date fool you. Books are still being banned today. Most recently, ELEANOR AND PARK by Rainbow Rowell was banned just last week, when school librarians put this novel on a reading list. The parents at this school were outraged, calling ELEANOR AND PARK “dangerously obscene.” While it is true ELEANOR AND PARK has foul language, as a high school student, you will hear at least some foul language every day! As a teenager who has read and loved this novel, I believe this is wrong, and I am not alone. If you are a parent and don’t want your child reading books that have foul language, alcohol use, etc. then talk to them about it instead of banning this novel for other readers who may enjoy and learn from the novel.